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  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire: Corrupted By Repetition

    Unlike most people my age, I prefer a game with good story above all else. Which is why I really enjoyed this game, and was actually sad when the game ended because I wanted at least one more desk of cases... Though I have to admit, the game did become a bit old by the end of my play through, however... More
  • Blog Post: L. A. Noire: A good concept that was stretched too thin

    L. A. Noire is certainly a unique game. Following the investigative career of Detective Cole Phelps, a WW2 veteran, the player is thrown headlong into the seedy and mysterious workings behind the scene of an otherwise sparkling 1948 Los Angeles. As the game wears on, the players finds clues to more than... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire

    Beginning in 1948 in the city of Los Angeles, L.A. Noire takes a look at the world of cops during the post-World War II era. The star of the game, Cole Phelps, is a war veteran who decided to join the force to protect the people he believes need protecting. Him and his numerous partners work together... More
  • Blog Post: Good game.

    This game has some interesting background nice old storyline Im' enjoying this game it is a good game if you like crime games. This game is a lot on the mature sign do not play this if you are not of age for this content. Some times it can get creepy but jest deal with it it also is repetitive. I... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire - Leaping Technological Boundaries

    This review can also be found at L.A. Noire "Leaping technological boundaries." Developed by Team Bondi Published by Rockstar Games for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 Released May 17th, 2011 After a 15 year run of developing and publishing... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire Review

    It should be noted that this was a difficult game to review. Rockstar Games has always impressed with its many groundbreaking titles over the years, so it should come as no surprise that they had a hand in helping produce this innovative game from developers Team Bondi. This game, like many is weighted... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire User Review

    When I first saw L.A. Noire, I was at a friend's house on the weekend. He kept telling me how great the game was, but I just went in the other room and played Grand Theft Auto IV. When I got tired, I went back up to his room and rolled out the futon. I kept told him to turn the TV off, and he replied... More
  • Blog Post: An Immersive Environment Unlike Any Other

    In this era of big Call of Duty set pieces in games and constant drama in crime procedurals on TV, many will complain about a slower, more realistic flashback in crime fighting. They shouldn't. L.A. Noire is a rare game that paces the action to the story and not the other way around. The story is... More
  • Blog Post: History Replays In A Beautiful Way

    ( XBOX 360 REVIEW ) LA Noire is the story of Cole Phelps, the marine turned officer turned detective in late 1940's Los Angeles. To me, I've always been intrigued by the world of the detective, and LA Noire gives a good impression of what it is. The story takes turns and feels like a movie. You... More
  • Blog Post: LA Noire:A different side of Rockstar

    I expected LA Noire to be another Rockstar game:Large open world with a solid story and massive depth. I was wrong but not far off, LA Noire doesn't have the depth of Red Dead or GTA IV, but it does have a story to rival them. After I first met Cole Phelps I was waiting for the customizable options... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire, The Short and Simple Review

    When I bought L.A. Noire, I was thinking that it would be fast paced game where crimes would be delght with force and firepower, I turned out to be wrong. Insted L.A. Noire had a well thought out story that was as dark as it was fun. The game also bosted some of the best detail and grahpics I have ever... More
  • Blog Post: Different than anything I have ever played before.

    This marks my first ever review. I will from now on be writing them for all new games I play, so feel free to follow me if you like this review. There's a lot of things about L.A. Noire that many people can say. Some good and some bad. I can say right now, as a lot of people have probably mentioned... More
  • Blog Post: feels like its missing something......

    I bought LA Noire beining exsited about it, but Im a little disapointed. overall the graphics we fantastic but its not a GTA so the settup was differant. the city of LA was amazing with attention to detail but freeroam wasn't good for anything I found myself getting lost too much because its poorly... More
  • Blog Post: Just a Puzzler

    When I first got this game I was extremely excited to play it because of the games new unique use of facial expressions and detective work, but towards the end of the game, it became repetitive and somewhat boring. For a person who loves seeing blood, gore, explosions, and tons of action in a video game... More
  • Blog Post: A Great Concept That Quickly Gets Tired

    L.A. Noire is a little different from anything that you've seen before, especially from Rockstar. For once, you are on the right side of the law, doing your best to bring the criminals to justice. I could write a summary of the plot, but really, you can read the main review for that. I will say that... More
  • Blog Post: LA noire why i almost gave up playing

    L.A noire is lets face it an awsome game with one flaw it gets old VERY QUICKLY. my heart just wasint in it anymore around the end of homicide. just going around and waiting that telltale DING that signigys you found somthing. then the ending picks you up again but there is a lot of just wandering around... More
  • Blog Post: Solving Crimes In Beautiful Los Angeles... Priceless

    Rockstar's latest thriller holds enough evidence to make it a worthy case. Not only is it ambitious, it's beautiful, authentic, and mature. This crime thriller has all the necessary pieces to possibly earn Rockstar another bid at a game of the year nomination. The look and feel of previous titles... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire is not GTA, thank you Rockstar

    I am very impressed with L.A. Noire, and how it seems to create a new style of gaming that feels different from any other game I have played before. Rockstar is known for making quality games, but they are also known for making games that are for the sightly immature. After Red Dead Redemption this opinion... More
  • Blog Post: Very Different, yet seems to fit so well.

    L.A. Noire is a game that is completely different in itself. Its a crime game from the 40's that is all about the investigation process and finding out what happened, getting into minute details sometimes. People being so hard on this game aren't getting that this game is starting a new revolution... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    L.A. Noire Review Kid Safe: Very Low Game Quality: Very High Genre: Open-World Crime Drama - As an open-world title, this game emphasizes a player's ability to go anywhere and do anything at anytime they so choose; allowing them to simply follow the story or explore a fully realized world that is... More
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