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  • Blog Post: A flawed, but ambitious open world experience

    Rockstar is usually known for their work on popular sandbox games and for turning the genre into what it is with the Grand Theft Auto series. With LA Noire, Rockstar takes a backseat to Team Bondi in development, and they put out a title that doesn’t quite make good use of its fantastic setting... More
  • Blog Post: L.A Noire brings classical murder mystery to videogames

    I really liked Red dead redemption. It was really good. I then heard that L.A noire was coming out, and was iffy at first. I took a chance at it, and it was pretty good. Graohics are good. Facials are amazigly good. the rest is still pretty good. Voice acting is great. Every movement is captured during... More
  • Blog Post: 1940's L.A. Never Looked So Good

    When I heard Rockstar was making a game based in the 1940's, I thought it was going to be a sad attempt to fill the demand for a new Grand Theft Auto. As more was revealed about the game, I was surprised to learn that it's just the opposite. L.A. Noire delivers a unique package on your doorstep... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar You've Done it Again

    This game is the most fantastic game I've ever seen!!! Since the second i put it in my PS3 till i watched that sad sad ending, I felt a complete urge to not stop playing it. I even stayed up for three days without sleep so i could see what happened next. If you havn't played this game yet then... More
  • Blog Post: Different than anything I have ever played before.

    This marks my first ever review. I will from now on be writing them for all new games I play, so feel free to follow me if you like this review. There's a lot of things about L.A. Noire that many people can say. Some good and some bad. I can say right now, as a lot of people have probably mentioned... More
  • Blog Post: Just a Puzzler

    When I first got this game I was extremely excited to play it because of the games new unique use of facial expressions and detective work, but towards the end of the game, it became repetitive and somewhat boring. For a person who loves seeing blood, gore, explosions, and tons of action in a video game... More
  • Blog Post: Good game that could be better

    This is the second game I have gotten that was made by Rockstar; I got Red Dead Redemption last year. I did not enjoy this one as much as Red Dead Redemption. It was an amazing game, but it does get repetitive after a while of playing. All in all it has a great story, the facial expression are out of... More
  • Blog Post: Game Over... continue? L.A. Noire Review

    Let me preface this review by saying I love Rockstar, they make great games. Red Dead Redemption was probably my favorite game of last year (although it's a close call with Mass Effect 2 ) and GTA IV is a true classic of this generation of consoles. Plus, Rockstar's Table Tennis was frickin'... More
  • Blog Post: A Stunning Period Piece Well Worth the Attention

    L.A. Noire is a fascinating look into both the world of detective work and 1940s America. It's an interesting blend between classic noir films and Rockstar's penchant for gritty, suspenseful period games. Like its predecessors Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire offers a deep... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing Game

    LA Noire is a great game for people who have intrests in: Problem Solving, Forensics, Crime, Classic Cars, and the rich history of The City of Angles. LA Noire is a third-person shooter set in a meticulously recreated post WWII Los Angeles, the bloodiest period in the city's history. You play as... More
  • Blog Post: LA Noire, Fun till your done.

    Very good game! The cases and the story is great and keeps me interesting in following along. Love what they did with how you use the facial expressions to determine if a suspect is telling the truth, bluffing or lying. The jonly negetive comment I have is the lack of content to replay the game. You... More
  • Blog Post: the most under estimated game of the year

    L.A. noire is one of the best games of the year. There i said it. Many people have been compaining about this game so much, i am almost embarresed to say how much i love this game. Rockstar did what it does best. They opened up a knew genre of video games, and they did it well. The story of L.A. Noire... More
  • Blog Post: LA Noire: Near Perfect

    I have never been accused of being easily impressed before, so the scores I am seeing from many fellow reviewers, although not low by any means, surprise me. So, I decided to write a review just to get my opinions out there. From the opening cinematic alone, seeing John Noble's face on the billboard... More
  • Blog Post: most interesting game of 2011

    This is my first ever review so i hope you like it. When i first heard about L.A. Noire i thought there is no way this is going to work. With all the interrogations and investigations it seemed like it would fall short of glory, but my instincts over took me and i bought the game. First off the game... More
  • Blog Post: amazing and addicting

    i thought the game was great, considering a game hasnt really been done like this, it was a great first try and if theres a sequel who knows how much better it could be. the game isnt without its flaws though the city itself does feel kind of boring theres not much going on. if there is a sequel id like... More
  • Blog Post: Very Different, yet seems to fit so well.

    L.A. Noire is a game that is completely different in itself. Its a crime game from the 40's that is all about the investigation process and finding out what happened, getting into minute details sometimes. People being so hard on this game aren't getting that this game is starting a new revolution... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. No............

    Story: You are an up and coming officer in the LAPD named Cole Phelps. Phelps starts off his career as a police officer and rises to the ranks of a detective; first Homicide, then Vice, and finally Arson. Each force has different cases; Homicide investigates killings of another human, Vice investigates... More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    L.A. Noire Review Kid Safe: Very Low Game Quality: Very High Genre: Open-World Crime Drama - As an open-world title, this game emphasizes a player's ability to go anywhere and do anything at anytime they so choose; allowing them to simply follow the story or explore a fully realized world that is... More
  • Blog Post: Very good but repetetive

    L.A Noire is a great game and the cases are all very exciting but playing it for hours straight may get a bit repetetive in finding clues and interogations. More
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire: Flirting with Greatness

    If we look back on some of the greatest games of all time, what is the one thing that connects them? Innovation. Innovation is what drives the industry forward; games that break the previous mold are the games that are remembered. Rockstar and Team Bondi’s latest title, L.A. Noire, aims to propel... More
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