Unlike most people my age, I prefer a game with good story above all else. Which is why I really enjoyed this game, and was actually sad when the game ended because I wanted at least one more desk of cases... Though I have to admit, the game did become a bit old by the end of my play through, however the game had just enough plot twists to keep me going. As far as graphics are concerned the City of Angles was beautiful. However, the game is not without flaws in the coding. Once or twice I witnessed Phelps teleport on top of a building after waiting for Biggs to drive the car... The gunplay is all right for a game revolving around story as much as it is, and the game is actually one of the few games in my 1,000 Club. All things considered, L.A. Noire is a great game just shy of perfect for me, and I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good detective story!