Beginning in 1948 in the city of Los Angeles, L.A. Noire takes a look at the world of cops during the post-World War II era. The star of the game, Cole Phelps, is a war veteran who decided to join the force to protect the people he believes need protecting. Him and his numerous partners work together to solve crimes in the up-and-coming city of angels.

Let me just say now that I thought that the graphics absolutely made the game. I loved the technology that allowed the player to see even the tiniest movements in facial expressions so you could tell if they were lying or not. Even the city itself was amazing. It was really amazing seeing what Los Angeles almost looked like during the late 1940s. It made me feel like I was really in the city itself. They could not have done better.

Along with the beautiful graphics, the crime-solving was pretty fun. Looking for clues was easy because you could hear the chimes as you got close to one (and for a while my controller would vibrate as well), but I think trying to decipher the thoughts of the people being questioned was very difficult at times. The lying ability of each of the characters differs based on what they were able to pull off and just how crazy they were. Trying to figure out who did what was always a challenge and it kept me guessing as the investigation progressed. All in all, I really found myself immersed in the story line.

Now to a not-so-happy note--the fighting. Hand-to-hand combat was not much of a challenge and I really wish it had been. It was the same with the gun fights. Every time an enemy would get out of hiding to try to shoot Phelps, I could come out of hiding and automatically aim my gun at them as soon as I was out. It was way too easy and made the fighting a waste of my time. I would have liked to spend more time figuring out if someone was lying to me than taking my time with a fight that does not matter.

So, to wrap it all up, L.A. Noire is a beautifully made game with amazing graphics. They were a little short on the fighting parts, but it was not something that really made the game horrible. I really loved the Black Dahlia cases as well. Working on a real case makes the experience all the more real.