When I first saw L.A. Noire, I was at a friend's house on the weekend. He kept telling me how great the game was, but I just went in the other room and played Grand Theft Auto IV. When I got tired, I went back up to his room and rolled out the futon. I kept told him to turn the TV off,  and he replied "After I finish this case." I so I laid down and watched him finish the case. Before I knew it, I was replaying the story on my hard drive, long after he went to his bed and fell asleep. I knew I had to buy it.

So, the next weekend, I went to GameStop and bought it. When I first read the GameInformer review online, I was confused. I wondered if we were even playing the same game! Repetitive? Unless you call tracking down killers repetitive, I suggest you play it over again. I'm not saying it's the best game ever (because no one will ever take Mass Effect 1 down from that rank), but it was very underrated by the guy who rated it on this website.

I agree with him though, that the sound was some of the best I had ever seen in gaming. It even had sounds to let you know stuff, like if your suspicions were correct in questioning, if you stumbled upon another piece of evidence, and the voice acting was through the roof. The graphics are some of the sharpest I have ever seen, and I can go back over and over again, playing the same mission, and not get bored of it.

Overall, I know L.A. Noire made it to my Top 5 of 2011. Though I must say, how did the new Zelda game get a 10, when L.A. Noire only got a 8.75? Ridiculous. Zelda cannot, and never will, be able to compete with a game like this. That is my two-cents worth.