(XBOX 360 REVIEW) LA Noire is the story of Cole Phelps, the marine turned officer turned detective in late 1940's Los Angeles. To me, I've always been intrigued by the world of the detective, and LA Noire gives a good impression of what it is. The story takes turns and feels like a movie. You can almost guess what's happening, I admit, but Rockstar and Team Bondi did a spectacular job in making the player feel like this world is real, which, in truth, it is.

Another exciting part of this was the graphics. Nothing is better than driving at night in this game. Neon signs, detailed cars, and civilians make this world come to alive once again. The face capturing, it's been said and said again. It's brilliant.

LA Noire is a great 2011 game, one of my favorites. The greatest part of the game, though, is not the action, or the story. The best part is going back in a time where no gamer imagined they could expierence, and that's what makes LA Noire a classic.