When I bought L.A. Noire, I was thinking that it would be fast paced game where crimes would be delght with force and firepower, I turned out to be wrong. Insted L.A. Noire had a well thought out story that was as dark as it was fun. The game also bosted some of the best detail and grahpics I have ever seen. The three disc format that the game had was the key to its detail.

  Much of the game was fast paced and full of action, but thats not to say that the game had some slow parts. Take the Homicide Desk, which was (to me) one of the slowest parts of the game and was almost the same thing each time. Many of the other desks such as Vise and Traffic, had fun cases which gave the game playablity.

  If you stick with the main story of L.A. noire, and ignore all of the dispatch calls (which also spice the game up at points) then you'll spend around 22 houts to beat the game. Now theres 40 dispatch calls that you can respond to, and 84 cars (some of which are special hidden cars) which are all collectable and have acheivments that can be unlocked for finding a sertin amount of them. The developers have been making DLC for the game which can be played after the game has been beaten. So you basicly have plenty to do in the game

  Sadly the game doesn't allow a free roam feture after the game, seeing that the game plays like a movie and only allows a replay feture to replay any cases or DLC once played through in the story. This means that during the time when you need to get somewhere and time doesn't matter is your free roam time.

  In all, the game plays great ecepte the intarigations which can be chaliging and frustrating at times, but if you enjoy a good story, senery and music, L.A. Noire is a game worth playing.