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Just a Puzzler

When I first got this game I was extremely excited to play it because of the games new unique use of facial expressions and detective work, but towards the end of the game, it became repetitive and somewhat boring. For a person who loves seeing blood, gore, explosions, and tons of action in a video game this is not the game to play. Granted there was some blood and gore, it was not nearly as exciting as watching Isaac Clark get his head ripped off by terrifying Necromorphs. The most action in this game was probably running around chasing the suspect then possibly shooting him/her. Very unfulfilling for an action-loving-gamer. This game is more for the puzzle-headed game players. Also, it became repetitive and boring after ten times of doing the same ritual, which was; getting a case, driving to the destination, looking at the clues  (which was very easy if you had shock on for your controller, all you have to do is walk around waiting for your controller to buzz) , asking questions, driving to another destination, asking more questions, finding more clues, arresting someone, interrogating them, solving the case, then starting this all over again...

In conclusion, L.A. Noire was a great detective game with magnificent facial feature graphics, design, and, a surprising ending (I will admit, I did not expect Cole Phelps to be that type of guy) but there simply wasn't enough action for me to not be able to put the remote down. Simply, after about 1 hour of repetitive detective work, I just wanted to turn it off and play a violent, bloody, totally fictional game where I can destroy disturbing necromorphs, zap people with my electricity powers, ride my horse into the sunset, sleep with a Turian, or just shoot up some people with a Famas in Team Death Match.


  • I think somewhat more highly of this game than you do, but I do agree that the action could have been more prevalent. Interviewing is fun, but what a lot of the game comes down to is reading people's facial expressions and collecting evidence. In short, it feels like work because you're essentially doing Cole's job for him! I think as it is, it's excellent, but people expected something different from the people who make GTA, even though this came from a completely different development team.