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L.A. Noire

Everything You Need To Know About L.A. Noire

Rockstar and Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Blending Rockstar’s signature open-world gameplay with a breathtakingly original system of investigation and interrogation, this dark detective saga stares into the seedy black heart of 1940s Los Angeles.

We gave the world its first in-depth look at the game in issue 203 of Game Informer. You can read the full story online here. However, for those of you looking for a more condensed overview of the game, we’ve culled all the important intel on the game into this feature. This is everything you need to know about L.A. Noire.

After you finish, get more depth by reading our cover story on the game.

The Developers

L.A. Noire is a relative rarity for Rockstar – it’s not developed by one of the company’s talented in-house studios. The game is being crafted by a partnership between Rockstar and Team Bondi, an Australian company founded by Brendan McNamara. McNamara is most famous for being the head of Sony’s Team Soho, which made the gritty, Guy Ritchie-influenced open-world crime game The Getaway on PlayStation 2. In fact, L.A. Noire was originally an SCEA project, but later found a home with Rockstar and its parent company Take Two Interactive. Another key aspect of the game’s development is the groundbreaking facial capture animation technology (more on that later) which was created by a subsidiary of Team Bondi called Depth Analysis.

Though it’s not technically an in-house project, Rockstar has been intimately involved in helping guide the game. Rockstar’s super producer Jeronimo Barrera (who has helped ship nearly every Rockstar game in recent memory) has been working closely with Team Bondi to ensure that it has all the authentic attention to detail and gameplay depth the company’s other franchises are known for.

  • Why does this game have to be rated M? can't they at least cut out the nudity so my mom can let me get it?
  • They said rumble tells you when you're near evidence for a crimes scene so what happens if you have the old Six-axis controller for the PS3 that doesn't have rumble?
  • I'm calling it now. Unless we see some serious competition from Gears 3 or Skyrim, L.A. Noire will be GOTY.
  • I've been a little skeptical since it's taking some major liberties with the the classic Rockstar formula, but it looks so good! Please be awesome!

  • LA Noire, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Uncharted 3 all in one year. It's a good year for games :)
  • Mod

    Tuesday couldn't come soon enough. Been looking forward to this game for a loooong time.

  • I want this game!!!! I'm getting it for my birthday! XD

  • This one sounds like fun also. I'm so happy that they are finally coming out with good games this year!!!

  • This is easily the game I've been anticipating the most this year.  I'm an adventure game junkie and to see a game like this get attention from a company like Rockstar gives me some hope for the future of the genre.  

  • It's on four discs. It's going to be epic.
  • Awesome! I will have to give this game a look!

  • Heh I guess years of watching "Lie to Me" and "Criminal Minds" would be useful. Only 3 days to go people!

  • Am I the only one not blown away by the graphics? Sure the facial expressions are pretty good, but they seem to need to work on full body movement. They walk stiffly and have over exaggerated movements, plus some of the cars have rather noticeable polygons going on. Plus the character models have the same eerie look to them as the one's from "Polar Express"; you know in that weird limbo of being cartoon to just missing the photo-realistic mark.

  • OH MY GODDD. I've actually been waiting for this game for probably a year an a half, to know that I will be able to hold this game in my hands in around THREE DAYS, actually gets me hard.
  • It's been confirmed that Aaron Staton's script in LA Noire is over 2,200 pages long. I swear! I can't *** wait for Tuesday!

  • Even though I already pre-ordered it, if it gets good reviews, I'll play it and enjoy doing so, and if not, I'll sell it unopened. Either way, this game is still a stunning proof of concept and I hope that this realism will be reflected in other games.
  • it's nice to just watch some LA Noire trailers right now, I feel exhausted pandering to all the mw3 and bf3 hype going on today. can't I just take life one game at a time?

  • Counting down the days!

  • Reminds me Heavy Rain. Maybe GTA-like Heavy Rain…
  • Not for pc. :(