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L.A. Noire

New L.A. Noire Trailer Details Departments Of The LAPD

With L.A. Noire, Rockstar is forgoing the outlandish action of the GTA series, presenting gamers with criminal cases to investigate and solve. The latest gameplay trailer explains how protagonist Cole Phelps will rise through the ranks of the LAPD.

In addition to showing glimpses of Phelps' time in the traffic, vise, arson, and homicide divisions of the LAPD, the video also explains how partners function, aiding in fight sequences, and pointing out clues players may have otherwise missed. It's another tantalizing glimpse at what Rockstar has planned for its next game, so take a look. Then check out a more in-depth look at the vice department, an explanation of how interrogations work, and our latest hands-on impressions.

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  • Great game? Or Greatest game amirite?
  • oh dear... i think my sperm count just went to 0

  • oh dear... i think my sperm count just went to 0

  • Looks awesome..Although everytime I watch a vid I see a new shootout or fight not saying it's necessarily a bad thing but I hope there is way more crime scene investigation an detective work and every case doesn't lead to a massive shootout. Also i hope the partner system is done right i don't want to be taking my time at a crime scene only to have him constantly pointing things out im working to figure out on my own "Hey, why dont you check his pockets? Hey, why dont you check the trash around the corner?". However i have faith rockstar wont dissapoint...hopefully because i've really been wanting to play a true investigative game of this kind.
  • My Summer:

    Infamous 2 and LA Noir

    Its gonna be fun.
  • This game looks so good. i got to hurry the hell up and pre order this.

  • Oh man, this game looks better with every preview. Really can't wait to play it!

  • i really cant wait for this game already payed off all the money for it on pre-order

  • this at the back of a long list of games I want this year.

  • God I hope this is good.

  • Awesome!!!

  • Gonna have to switch off between L.A. Noire and Brink this summer...decisions, decisions...

  • I'm actually really interested in this game now. I'm looking forward to a new experience like this.

  • I was a bit leery about this game but with every video I see, it brings me closer to the decision to buy it.  I think I am going to now.  I hope there is a good amount of action to offset the investigation.  The interrogation is the least attractive part to me but even that has its appeal.  I also hope that choice plays a part in the story, I was really disappointed in RDR expecting it to be more like Mass Effect or Fallout 3.  But regardless, I can't wait to get all CSI on the crime scenes.  

  • I feel like the child in The Emperor's New Clothes. Although it's one of the games I'm most excited about, it seems technically appalling to me, and no one else is calling it. The lighting and textures are terrible, the characters don't look like they had any work done beyond pasting the mocap data over the scanned models, which totally puts me off.

    As a long time fan of adventure games over FPS, I do believe story and gameplay trump technical aspects, it's just that I don't see where the money went. It looks sub-par, and a long way from the ambiance-laced suspension of disbelief they may have been going for.

    Still not enough to sway me from buying it day one, though.

  • Can't wait for this one to come out...have already pre-ordered my copy. The facial recog techniques they use are amazing, and I'm not quite seeing how this game could look bad to anyone. The gameplay trailers are enough to let me know that Rockstar has another GOTY on the hands. The first video game to be nominated at the Tribeca Film Festival is a pretty good place to start.

  • This game will remind me of Heavy Rain for sure. Can't wait to take down some MOFO'n criminals!!!!

  • Going to be better than Mafia for sure!!!!