Krautscape is a racing game, but the tracks change and shift depending on who is in the lead. And if you don’t like what is happening, you can always take off and start flying.

The game looks like F-Zero track had a child with Mario Kart’s rainbow road, and then that child decided to let the racers build the track while they are racing. The player in the lead makes choices on the upcoming sections of the track by picking a side. If you want the track to go left, hug the left rail. If you want it to go right, hug the right. If you want to throw in a loop de loop, you can do that, too. Players can exit the track by taking flight, but at the expense of speed.

Outside of the typical racing there is Snake Mode, where the track disappears behind the racer in last place creating an evolving track that severely punishes the players who falls too far behind. Ping Pong turns the players around to play their created tracks in reverse, going back and forth until a winner is crowned. Collector mode places collectibles off the track that players must retrieve by either shifting their cars into flying mode, or by moving the track towards the collectibles.

You can check out the latest trailer for the game below, as well as a collection of screenshots in the gallery.

Krautscape is being published by Midnight City, who you can learn more about (and read about more of their games) by heading here.