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Knack Shows Off Co-Op Platforming For PlayStation 4

Sony Japan Studio's PS4 launch title has co-op, a feature that hasn't been trumpeted too much - until now.

On a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony's Nick Accordino wrote a blog and posted a trailer that details the game's drop-in, drop-out co-op mode.

Accordino writes, "In Knack, our two-player cooperative mode was designed in a way that accentuates the vision for the game. A second player can drop in or out at any time, and control Knack's shiny metallic helper, Robo Knack. Robo Knack has a move set somewhat similar to Knack's, but can donate parts to Knack and heal him with a touch of the Triangle button. If there's a non-gamer or light gamer in the house, this is a great way to introduce them to the world of Knack - just start the game on Easy and drop in from time to time to help them through the game."

Knack allows you to play remotely with the PlayStation Vita and has a tie-in mobile match-three game.

  • Still deciding to get this game or not.....but after watching the video it looks pretty fun playing with someone
  • I thought Knack was already a robot....
  • Game looks like it'll be fun!

  • I can't wait for that!

  • Looks great with the lighting, and the textures are eye popping. Not a day one purchase but I can see getting this in the future. I play games alot with my five year old nephew(LBP anyone?), and I know we would have a blast with Knack in co-op.

  • I see co-op play in the future with me and my son.

  • Moar Co-op, please!

  • That last 10 seconds; that's me. I'm gonna spend my entire time playing this game punching the crap outta my coop buddy
  • Still looks great! Nice graphics, fun gameplay, good variety of enemies (always important for a brawler), etc. I'm also glad they opted for GOOD co-op here, not like the asymmetrical stuff in Super Mario Galaxy. It's nice that player 2 can help out player 1, but it's REALLY great that P2 can brawl & platform as well. I do find it odd that so many kids' games are brawlers nowadays. I mean, Skylanders, the LEGO games, the last 2 Crash Bandicoot titles, Sonic Unleashed, Knack here, etc.

    These all seem like they should just be platformers. A well-designed platformer provides more variety & inspired gameplay than punching goblins in the face repeatedly for 10 hours. Why don't kids - or why don't big publishers think kids would - appreciate the kinds of experience provided by Sly Cooper for example? Sony didn't advertise that at all, but Thieves in Time is far & away the best platformer of the year (one of the best ever made). And Sly & the gang don't need to beat up anybody to pull off that feat...
  • Great, now I have to decide between the second controller or the camera
  • This is probably going to be one of the first few games I'll be getting for the PS4.
  • Looks repetitious and bland. My kids will love it!
  • Forgot to mention that the 2nd player can use the vita for co-op remote play.

  • I think I'm starting to get the "KNACK" of this game.

  • It looks pretty fun.

  • The Gameplay doesn't look like my kind of thing but looking at the level graphics it does make me excited for similar sorts of games.

    There is a nice toon feel mixed with some really nice lighting and realistic shaders. The Lava level looked particularly nice.

  • Looks like a good game for the kid to "help" me play.  Might even get my wife to try it out since she enjoyed Crash and the other Cerny games on PS1.  Already have the game just waiting for the PS4

  • So the whole game is co op? Sweet!

  • This is a game that is probably under a lot of peoples radars for next gen but I think this game is going to be pretty good from what I've seen

  • this game looks as terrible. the media, and Cerny, like to pretend Mark is smart, as evidence by this, and the massive rush job on the PS IndieBox, I question that greatly. What a dreadful looking game, and from the few reviews  I've heard from different media outlets who have played it, it's not fun.  

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