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New Screens Showcase Knack's Environmental Powers

Knack is one of the PlayStation 4's launch titles, and Sony has released a new batch of screens for the game.

In the gallery below, you will see Knack with flame and ice powers, as well as all his friends and possible foes. We're still not sure exactly how Knack's story will play out.

The game will be available on the PlayStation 4's launch date, November 15. For more on Knack, check out our interview with Mark Cerny, who is serving as director on the game.

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  • I'm sure my son will enjoy this game.

  • The "metal" Knack looks awesome.

  • Knick Knack.
  • This game looks fun! remember FUN? When you weren't playing games that p*ss you off just so that, on the slight chance you do win, you can scream vulgar insults into a mic

  • This game looks fun! remember FUN? When you weren't playing games that p*ss you off just so that, on the slight chance you do win, you can scream vulgar insults into a mic

  • I really want to get this game. No one has made a Spyro-esque game based completely on having fun in so long. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be like the later Spyro games, those were the worst.

  • I had a chance to play it last night at the Sony store. It was fun, but I'm not sold on it as a launch title.
  • Is knack like Sony's Mario? You know, A cheerful platformer albeit with better graphics and an in depth story?
  • This game looks interesting but it seems to be for younger people.

  • All over this game! It's Local COOP alone is exciting for me and my son. I also read on the PSBlog that the challenge should be great! There may be an even harder level of difficulty after you beat the game on Hard. I don't think this is the "Kiddie" game all of you are thinking. Maybe playing it on Easy will give our Kids the game they require. But it sounds like it has quite the challenge.
  • I don't know why the people in this give me a Wallace & Gromit vibe, but they do. That isn't a bad thing.
  • i really really want this game. it does have that old school crash bandicoot vibe to it. i love how in an interview a guy was like "so since it's on ps4 you're gonna have waves upon waves of enemies coming at knack right?" and mark just looked at him funny and said "no, it's about enemy placement." anyone who has played psone crash bandicoot, or timesplitters knows who much of a challenge good enemy placement can be.
  • This game is shaping up to be pretty good. I wasn't interested in it for a while, but since they started really showing it off, I'm in love with it. Classic Crash gaming.

  • I love the Robot designs in this... except for Knack :P Everything else looks awesome, like they came straight outta Astro Boy. But Knack looks like some weird ogre made out of pottery - he's an ugly character.

    Which is a shame, because the thing looks like a movie otherwise. Like something IMAGI would've produced (TMNT, Astro Boy, Gatchman, T-28, The CGI Zelda Movie Pitch). It's pretty slick looking, despite current gen games like Skylanders & Ratchet looking plenty amazing already and this not looking like much of a step up ;P

    I'm also not happy with the disparity between gameplay and cutscene graphics. Which may just be a trick of the eye, to be honest. The next gen consoles are more than powerful enough to display in-game, real time stuff with that level of fidelity, but unless you're up close, you won't notice.

    I hope Knack gets more marketing love from Sony than ANY of their other mascot platformers this year. Sly Cooper 4, Puppeteer, Ratchet were all dumped unceremoniously onto retail shelves with no ads or nothing, and saw some less-than-spectacular sales. By Ratchet, I mean Full Frontal Assault... although I bet Into the Nexus will get dumped too. I know Sony needs to focus on marketing the PS4, but c'mon guys. Support your IP. Especially the IP that aren't shooters.
  • Only novice gamers would bash this game. Knack looks truly unique, I really hope it does well, I know I will buy this game.
  • umm.... this game looks amazing, but why is there a giant clank lookalike from Ratchet & Clank 1

  • The more I see of Knack the more I think I'm going to buy it. Maybe once I buy my must haves Ill give it a shot.

  • I'm picking this game up at Launch!

  • this game looks so boring, no care package, no guns or anything, just a kids game
  • Looks cool, but my sons are now at an age where this type of game isn't appealing anymore.  We were all really looking forward to Drive Club.  Launch day is going to suck a little.

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