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Goblins Beware

Knack may only stand three-feet tall, but his ability to use relics to assume other forms makes him a force against the goblin invaders.

The E3 trailer shows some of the forms that Knack can assume using relics – geometrical objects of rare power that can turn Knack into a 30-foot tall terror.

The game also features 60 different secret rooms with treasure chests that allow you to access new game+ characters and put together rare gadgets. Relics and gadgets can be shared among your friends, and the title utilizes remote play with the PlayStation Vita.

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  • I don't know how to feel about this game, It feels like a tech demo that Sony decided to make into a game.

  • I don't play these type of games, probably because I'm a bit older but this does look pretty cool. I hope it turns out great for Mark Cerney.

  • Definitely getting this, just hope it was developed by Insomniac. I love their PlayStation platformers. I think Sony Japan and Mark Cerny will do platformers justice though.

  • He talks?
  • This should at least be entertaining to see.

  • Graphics aren't too great, besides the amount of pieces. Maybe it would look better if it were an open world. I wish he didn't talk, too. Still, it looks like fun and I might pick it up if the reviews are good.
  • I have been sold on this since I saw Mark Cerney made it.  I liked the scene where he was running to the camera.  It reminded me of Crash!

  • I mean..Its nothing amazing,but Il buy it considering its a launch title.
  • Really cool looking brawler/platformer. Definately a day one purchase

  • i'm not sure if i will get this for PS4,it seems to be for a younger audience

  • Looks like a good game.  This reminds somewhat of Katamari Damacy, in the sense that you have to collect more objects to get bigger.

  • definitely getting this game.  this game looks awesome.  i like how everyone in the comment section are saying that this game is aimed at a younger audience, rather than questioning whether or not the game looks fun.  i love platformers, and i'll play them until i'm old and rotting.

  • This game looks like it could be pretty fun to play. Not sure what to feel about his voice, but I intend to keep an eye on it.

    Would make a great launch title.

  • This game looks awesome. I'm always thrilled to see Sony show off colorful, broadly appealing stuff next to games like Killzone, and Knack is just the latest in a long line of games that include Modnation Racers, Ape Escape, Sly Cooper and Littlebigplanet. This looks stunning too, although the in-game shots look much less impressive than the (I guess) pre-rendered stuff. It looks about on par with Skylanders Swap Force and Disney Infinity... which at least means it's still better looking than Super Mario 3D World and Sonic Lost Worlds. And with Mark Cerny here, I'm certain it'll be as fun to play as it is pretty to look at.

  • This game seems like it is going to be a lot of fun!

  • this game looks like Kameo