Kirby's Epic Yarn is an adorable game starring one of gaming's cutest characters. That doesn't mean that you have to be nice when you play it, however. As a big brother, I'm used to draining the fun out of cooperative experiences. As I played the game simultaneously with Dan, I got to test out how it plays when you go out of your way to be an ass. The verdict? It's quite fun. Well, I had fun at least.

Kirby can use his yarn whip thing to attack enemies. It's also quite useful against other players.

As Tim wrote in his actual preview of the game, Kirby doesn't inhale enemies in Epic Yarn. Instead, he interacts with them (and the environment) with his yarn whip. It ensnares enemies and wraps them into neat little fabric bundles. Those bundles can then be tossed at other enemies. As I learned, the whip is also an excellent tool against other players. It doesn't immobilize them by turning them into cloth packages, but it does knock teammates backward. It's handy when you want to keep your friends from getting onto platforms or to prevent them from picking up gems.

This weight form can crush bad guys...and good guys.

Kirby and pals don't really die in the game, so none of what I did was particularly punitive. That didn't make it any less annoying, though. Kirby transforms according to whatever context he's in. If he's falling, he'll turn into a parachute and make a controlled descent. Pressing down and a button simultaneously transforms him into a heavy weight, which damages enemies below him. These two forms were practically designed for one another. When your teammate tries to land on a small platform, it's your cue to turn into a weight and flatten him. Sure, you'll end up beside him, but if you're fast enough you can whip Dan your victim away and get back up to wherever you started first.

There are plenty of moments to share if you're some kind of sucker.

As Kirby and pals work their way through the magical cloth kingdom, they'll come across zippers to pull, laces to undo, and bells to ring. Most of these actions take a few seconds to fully activate, which is long enough to spring your trap. Be generous for a few seconds and let Dan your partner start performing the task. At the last second, say, before the zipper pulls back entirely and reveals its collectible prize, whip your buddy away and steal the goody for yourself. And then smack Dan around a few more times for good measure. He's a jackass who deserves everything he gets.