Laugh all you want, people. It adds years to your life, and the longer you live, the more Video Game reviews I can post. Who's laughing now?

Kirby's Epic Yarn is probably the best Casual game I've played (Traveler's Tales's Lego series still takes the cake...) It's simplicity, playability, and all-around straightforward plot line makes Kirby's Epic Yarn (I'll say KEY for abv.), by far, the best Casual game I've seen. To prove my opinion, I'll explain why I believe this idea.

First off, KEY's simplicity makes this game playable for all, with one exception (I'll mention it later). For example, say you were a 12 y.o. who just got Mom & Dad to buy KEY for you. Once that awesome feeling you get once you open the crinkly packaging passes and you insert KEY into the Wii (hopefully you notice the 2-player compatibility), you either ask Mom or Dad to play KEY with you. After progressing through Patch Castle with finesse, you decide you want to go solo, which leads to my second point.

Admit it, people. We've thought "This game cheats" once every now and again. Well, KEY doesn't feel like that. If you've ever played New Super Mario Bros. Wii, you know its simple NES-like controls. KEY is just like that. 2 to jump, 1 to yarn whip (cue Indiana Jones's orchestral score), left/right on the d-pad to move, well, left/right. Plus, if you think Kirby's feet hurt, you can double-tap the motion controls to become a car (sorry, but a Porche was too expensive.) It's pretty simple. If you ever forget, the pause menu recaps the controls.

"Alright, men. Some pervert took over Dream Land, and we're going to take it back" "Brute force, sir?" "Nah. Let's just take it slooooooow." The storyline, in a nutshell... Almost. Yin-Yarn, the Antagonist, takes over Dream Land with the help of a magic sock (Ben lost it in the dryer. I don't blame him... Dryers are pure evil!) and creepy knitting needles. Kirby encounters this dude by listening to his stomach and eating Yin-Yarn's metamato (don't ask me what it is... I don't know, either...). The rest is a long yarn... He he...

All-in-all, KEY is a great game, overall. Oh, remember the little sidenote at the beginning? The exception is my mother. She sucks at all of my games... except Mario Kart... Long story...

Have a good one,