Kirby is famous for many things. Inhaling enimies, stealing there powers, and more. But In Kirbys Epic Yarn, you wont see any of it. But does it still make a great Kirby game? Absolutly. The game starts out when Kirby is walking past a bush, and sees his favorite food: a red tomato. But when he tries to inhale it, an evil lord named Yin Yarn appears and tries to grab the metamato, which was what the tomato actually was, from him. But Kirby, who likes to inhale and eat stuff, just keeps inhaling, and eats the metamato. Yin Yarn gets, angry, and transports Kirby to a faraway land, called Patch Land. He then saves a boy named Prince Fluff from a beast made out of yarn. In fact, everything is made out of yarn. He finds out that the metamato game him the ability to turn him into a car. Thats the opening scene. I cant give out anymore information because giving out more would spoil the game for you. Instead of eating enimies, Kirby uses a lasso to grab his enimies and tear them apart. This game is actually pretty easy. Unlike some games (Battletoads). Not to mention that this is Kirbys frist game on a home system since Kirbys Air Ride, but it is also worth a try even if you arent a Kirby fan. My favorite parts are the multiplayer and boss battles. My favorite boss battle is a squid that you have to throw enimies at, but that dosent make it any different from the rest of the game. Although, there a few flaws. Like the fact that this game dosent even take any skill at all. Although Kirbys Epic Yarn is easy and skillless, it is still very addicting and highly replayable. Kirbys Epic Yarn is an amazing game, even though you cant eat people. But after a few hours, you'll realize that a Kirby game where you cant eat people is actually amazing. Kirby is back and cuter than ever. Even if you arent a nintendo or kirby fan, I dont think you are biased or lighthearted even to dislike this game; I dont think anyone is.