Kirby is back and in an all new style. Don't let the adorable ball of fluff (or in this case, yarn) fool you, thisgame is a definite platformer threw and thew. Your role in this game, as Kirby, is to stop an evil magician (made of yarn) from destroying Kirby's dream land. The main goal is to go out and find the magic pieces of yarn and stitch together each piece of the puzzle, patch by patch. 

This is a great game for everyone young and old. Kirby being transformed into yarn is a blessing in disguise, although you do loose your capability to suck up enemies, you will not miss it one bit. You have all new abilities that enable you to transform yourself into a yarn car which comes in handy seeing as how walking normally seems rather slow paced. The classic Kirby brick is back and enables you to come smashing down on enemies as well as bricks and blocks throughout levels that keep you from gaining access to secret patches. You also gain the ability to turn into a parachute that allows you to safely float down to the ground after jumping, or for a super jump you can speed into a car and catapult yourself into a parachute.

The great part of this game are the sections that briefly transform you into something out of the ordinary.  Some levels will have you turning into a fire truck putting out fire monsters who try to stop you from collecting jems, other levels will have you transforming into a spacecraft sucking up everything in your site and causing a frenzy filled electrical explosion that destroys everything around you. 

The boss battles are not the most difficult battles you will ever find yourself enduring but the further you progress you will find they get more challenging, just the right amount to keep you craving more. Kirby's Epic Yarn is blast and I think anyone who keeps an open mind to change will find it is a great play with amazing visuals, smooth pacing, and an epic platformer. This game is an innovative and big step in the right direction for Nintendo and the Wii.