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Kirby: Triple Deluxe

See Kirby's Hypernova Sucking Ability In Action In New Triple Deluxe Trailer

The latest trailer for the upcoming Kirby: Triple Deluxe shows more of Kirby's new powers, and details a bit of the game's setup.

The trailer, which is titled "Wow Kirby, You're Sure Exciting," shows Kirby turning into muscular statues, outrunning giant snowballs, using his new assorted abilities, and vacuuming up entire trains with his Hypernova sucking ability.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe, has already released in Japan, but it will be available in North America on May 2. For more Kirby: Triple Deluxe trailers, head here and here for details on the game's StreetPass and collectibles.

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  • The game looks like pure joy.

  • Looks like it's going to be very fun.

  • Can't wait to buy this!! I love me some Kirby.

  • Kirby always knows how to make me happy.

  • Boooooooo for not being on WiiU booooooooooo

  • Gotta get this when it comes out. The Kirby games are always fun.

  • Why do you put YouTube videos through your god awful video player? Also why is your video player the only player that doesn't allow the universal shortcuts like spacebar to pause and up and down or left to right to control the volume? It also has a nasty tendency to crash during long videos like super replays, though I learned toggling between quality is an annoying but more convenient than having to reload the page and then jump to the spot.