Amalur is a good game. How good is it though? There have been many many role playing games released in the last 30 years, and they have a wide variety of ideas and gameplay elements. Amalur doesn't do much to expand on that but it does do very good at staying the same. While playing Amalur games like Fable, Oblivion, and God of war kept coming to mind, and really any game that can make you compare it to them are unique and hard to come by. Amalur is no exception, with a small budget and no starting point, Big Huge games has managed to throw together a game that is not only beautiful but lengthy. It is always hard to start a new IP for any developer especially when the industry is as flooded as it is. But Amalur, though not the most original has forged its own path and created a memorable new world to live in.