When you here about Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoing you might thank its a Elder Scrolls rip off and well it might compare more to World of Warcraft than Skyrim. When you first start playing KOAR your dead. When you come back to life due to the Well of Souls and make your way through the first level and exit the level you enter the world of Amular. You can follow the story or you can start exploring the world. 

There are so many quests in this game prouble more than Skyim but the world might be smaller. The combat in this game is great and when the enimes start to get repative the combat will keep you going. The story in KOAR is better thank you reguarl open world RPG and it will keep you going.

This is a game that you will be playing for more than 100 hours this is one of the first big games of the year and might be come the next big Open world RPG series.