I realise I haven't posted in a long time, so...... TIME FOR REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story: It's not really very good... but it is decent and lasts around 20-25 hours. ( I always get main quest out of the way first ) If you don't it could go up to 60-100. Depending on how much you do.

Graphics: A cartoonish  but real graphical style. Environments look great, pity the characters aren't as good. Though your main character looks pretty good NPCS are pretty bad...

Gameplay: This is the best gameplay in most RPGs. Similar to God Of War, just not quite as gory. While blood is still plentiful though, it is very fun. Also, you choose from 4 races. I went with Dokkalfar for a stealthy/mage approach.Also, the world is big, but is very linear compared to Skyrim.. ( YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ) NOTE: THERE ARE NO CLASSES. SIMILAR TO SKYRIM YOU MAKE YOUR OWN..

Controls: the controls are very easy. Both on PS3 and XBOX360.

Age: I would recommend about 11-12 or up for this game. This could easily be a T game and since most play COD they should be able to handle this.

Verdict: The story and character models do ditract from the experience, but a great leveling system, combat system, and just walking around doing whatever you want more than makes up for it. The game isn't perfect, but it is very good.8.75 is an amazing rating guys.