Overall the game was good. It had ups and downs, but was still enjoyable. Bringing back the opening song that constricts your heart and brings tears to your eyes as you're flooded with memories of Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald and Goofy in their adventures. Introducing new mini-game gameplay styles for boss battles helps to reduce the repetitive feelings that occur.


The controls are the same as in 358/2 Days with improvements. The attacks flow better. The camera works the same. The panel system from 358/2 Days is not used so you can cast magic spells as much as you can. The special attacks and magic use a recharge system that takes a little getting used to at first, but later in the game you are able to have five to six special attacks equipped so the waiting time for recharging is very small.


The level up system is an unique and effective system that fits with the story of gameplay. Instead of simply leveling up to improve stats, the game uses a motherboard and chip system. After each big boss battle, a new portion of the motherboard is opened up so you can install more chips. There are chips that you can obtain for all of your stats. There is even a nifty little effect of "overclocking" when you connect the paths between two processors that doubles the effects of all the chips between the two processors.


The levels are all repeats of Kingdom Hearts with a few twists to fit the story line of being in a computer system. The mini-games are a welcomed variation to the regular combat system of the game and fit the levels appropriately except one or two worlds. Little pieces that are added to the story line are oriented depending on the world. Like Wonderland people losing memories and Sora losing the keyblade (again) on Hollow Bastion.


The story overall was kind of repetitive. By the end of the game I was hoping for the end to come and not having another plot twist that would add more hours of gameplay. Seeing Sora and the others at the beginning of the game made me nostalgic for Kingdom Hearts, but I did not feel very attached to anyone throughout the game. The ending finally almost brought tears to my eyes when the credits started and the Kingdom Hearts song started playing.


The only replay value I see in this game is trying to unlock everything after you beat it. I recommend this game to anyone that has not played Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts II in a few years. Great refresher on story before Kingdom Hearts III comes out.