This game happens right after the first game, you find yourself in a castle with a new task: discover why you are forgetting your memory.

Sora, Donald and Goofy must make their way in Castle Oblivion, where they will be forgetting their memories, them with the help of the cards must advance, re-exploring the previous worlds and see what is happening, there will be new enemies, new story and new gameplay. Riku wake up in the realm of darkness and someone gives him a card to face the darkness in Castle Oblivion, he meet 2 new enemies and a old one, also he meet King Mickey.

Story: Is good, but in some events the characters don't speak, also the worlds events have been changed, that is strange at first, however near the end of the game the new good character: Namine, will tell you why -9-

Graphics: They are good, are like in the Kingdom Hearts 1 but somehow it seems a little better -9-

Sound: Is good, with some pieces of the previous game but is good -9-

Gameplay: Now the gameplay is innovative and addicting at first, but as you make progress through the game re-exploring the worlds with the same structures, the cards will be more hard to control, thing that sometimes can annoy you -6-

Overall: The good thing is that you will continue knowing Kingdom Hearts, meet the new story and the new enemies: The Organization, they are very hard specifically Marluxia, but this only happen in Sora's story because with Riku the boss battles are very easy. The game is good even with the cards, so if you are Kingdom Hearts Fan you will have a nice time with it -8-