When I heard that Japan was getting this with KH2FM+ I was pissed. I pre-ordered it once it was announced for America. The game is a great way to get back in the series if you didn't care for the GBA version and you hadn't played the KH games in a while. I thought it took a while for them to make a remake, but it was worth the wait. They added new cards and improved the system a little bit. The game isn't as long as KH1 and KH2, but it's still a great game. I actually like the card system because I think it's simpler. It was great to see the game in 2-D and I thought Reverse/Rebirth was the best storyline. The game didn't take me too long to beat it, but I still enjoyed. There aren't any new worlds in the game and the music is almost all the same as the first. The game is great to refresh your memory. Any true KH fan would enjoy it.