When Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA was about to come out, KH fans were going crazy....then they played the game. Some of the main elements which made the KH series a huge hit wasn't just the Final Fantasy and Disney characters. It was the battle system and storyline which brought so many fans leaning against the TV saying "Wow." CoM completely ruined the battle system. The PS2 Re:CoM was no different. There are many fans who could defeat Sephiroth on level 20 with their eyes closed, and yet the same people can't even get past cloud in Re:CoM. It completely dissapointed many fans. This is fun for those who like trading card video games. For those who like the KH jrpg battle system we all know and love, it's just a storyline. And you would think that they would improve the graphic quality a tad during the conversion. It took them 4-5 years to make KH2! It's not like they "don't have enough time" to improve that much. First thing in mind when playing this game is Yugi's voice going "Exodius....OBLITERATE!"  Guess this proves that "Final Fantasy VII" and "Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelists of the Roses" will never mix. As if nobody already knew that. Obviously Squarenix doesn't.