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Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

Fan Service and Little Else

Back in 2004, the original Game Boy Advance Chain of Memories served a vital purpose. A nice snack for starving fans left hanging after the ending of the original Kingdom Hearts two years earlier, the game set up mysteries leading into Kingdom Hearts II and introduced Organization XIII, Namine, and DiZ. Sure, it trudged back through many of the same worlds as KH 1, but at least we saw everything re-imagined in sprite form. However, like watching foreign films, some people just don't play portable games. So now we have what is essentially a ''Hollywood remake'' of CoM on PS2.

The added voicework and 3D presentation is cool in some respects, but fans already know what happens on both ends of this story even if they haven't played the GBA version. The text-heavy dialogue and fading memory plotline will have you mashing X to burn through it, especially during scenes like this: ''Who are you?'' ''Don't you remember me?'' ''I think I do, maybe.'' ''Well, you seem like a nice person.'' Almost all of the in-game assets are recycled from previous games and the world-by-world stories are dusty retreads of KH 1 setups (which are already retreads of Disney movies).

The card battle system, love it or hate it, returns with some additional contextual button pressing. If you've never tried it, be prepared for plenty of deck organizing and more strategic combat. While the former 2D battle plane kept almost all of the enemies in view, with the new 3D system they can sneak up from off screen due to occasionally wild targeting system. The annoying door card system still forces you to pick a fight with every enemy or risk getting screwed out of forward progress.

In the end, Re:Chain of Memories is a serviceable, inexpensive RPG that will satisfy fans curious about this ''lost'' chapter in the KH series and the few people who really enjoyed the ­original CoM.

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Second Opinion:


Even as a Kingdom Hearts fan, it's hard to get excited about a remake of a GBA card game that sets up the plot for a game well over two years old at this point. Regardless, this is a fun little title. I dug the environment system that has you creating every world as you explore it, and the Slight system had me strategizing how to most effectively utilize my cards to pull off special attacks. Unfortunately, the action gets a little repetitive. Hardcore fans might be interested in the revamped graphics and animated cutscenes, but if you already played your fill of the GBA version I'm not sure there's much reason to revisit the past.

User Reviews:

  • 8.00
    This game happens right after the first game, you find yourself in a castle with a new task: discover why you are forgetting your memory. Sora, Donald and Goofy must make their way in Castle Oblivion, where they will be forgetting their memories, them with the help of the cards must advance, re-exploring...
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  • 9.00
    i love this game but they could have made it like one and two bc the way they made kinda sucked lmao but i love this game and i hope every one likes it to
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  • 9.25
    When I heard that Japan was getting this with KH2FM+ I was pissed. I pre-ordered it once it was announced for America. The game is a great way to get back in the series if you didn't care for the GBA version and you hadn't played the KH games in a while. I thought it took a while for them to...
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  • 2.00
    I got this game at my house and it stinks!!!!!!I mean why use cards to fight what is this supposed to be Kingdom Hearts The Card Game or something.I've gotta say though I saw worlds that I didn't get to in Kingdom Hearts.
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  • 10.00
    I have been a Kingdom hearts fan since the original, and then got Kingdom Hearts 2 the day it came out, but this game I didn't even know was coming out, I was walking through Best Buy one day and seen it and had to have it, so I bought it and I loved it, it is better then the GBA version by far,...
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  • 5.75
    When Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA was about to come out, KH fans were going crazy....then they played the game. Some of the main elements which made the KH series a huge hit wasn't just the Final Fantasy and Disney characters. It was the battle system and storyline which brought...
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