Sora's Wall Running And Keyblade Skills Shown In First Trailer - Kingdom Hearts III - PlayStation 4 -
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Kingdom Hearts III

Sora's Wall Running And Keyblade Skills Shown In First Trailer

Our first look at Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts III is in trailer form.

Series hero Sora shows off some fresh moves as he parkours around a colorful city environment before taking his keyblade to a swarm of shadowy enemies.

Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No release date has been announced.

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  • I seriously almost had a "crying over Zelda at the Twilight Princess announcement" moment when I saw the words "Square Enix" followed by the Disney logo.

  • nice

  • 7 years I've waited for this game, since the release of KH2. That's nearly half of my life! I have no words to describe how excited I am for KH3.

  • Finally, it finally announced, the true waiting that what I wanted.

  • I bet microsoft bought over once exclusively playstation developers like insomniac and square enix because they actually make good games...

  • I know it's hard for third parties to keep games on one console but, WHAT THE *** HELL IS MY KINGDOM HEARTS DOING ON XBOX!
  • A little enthusiasm would be realistic GI >:)


  • Kingdom Hearts fanboys..UNITE!

  • I like the trailer alot but Sora's design needs help.
  • It's about time!

  • My body is ready. Kingdom Hearts combined two worlds that, by all accounts, should not have been mixed and created a winning combination.

  • I was more excited than I should be when this was shown, haha!

  • While I have no doubt in my heart that KH is an excellent franchise, and I would love to get into it. Sadly it mixes my 2 greatest hatreds: ridiculously looking jrpg characters, and freaking mickey mouse and *** goofy. And what the f*ck is up with those clown shoes!?

    Well, I am glad at least that the fans finally got their wish lol.

  • We've been waiting for so long.  There was a time when I had even started to give up hope that they would ever get around to making this game.  So glad that it's finally a real thing.  This was the first series I bought when I got my PS2, just too bad it's not a launch title or it would be the first game I would get for my PS4.  Super excited, though!

  • Only reason im getting it is to relive my child hood. 90's kids rule ha
  • I can't wait. So excited!!!!

  • Really? KH3 is also going to be on Xbox None?

  • I wonder how long will this game take to develop? I'm betting when it name changes to Kingdom Hearts PS 5.

  • I saw the word "parkour" in the title, and immediately thought of The Office!