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Kingdom Hearts III

Sora's Wall Running And Keyblade Skills Shown In First Trailer

Our first look at Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts III is in trailer form.

Series hero Sora shows off some fresh moves as he parkours around a colorful city environment before taking his keyblade to a swarm of shadowy enemies.

Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No release date has been announced.

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  • ...The wait begins.
  • i was literally crying when i saw this during the press conference
  • My body's ready.
  • Here's hoping Sora encounters Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars worlds
  • This is weird. It's strange to be watching this. I'm still in disbelief that this was actually announced. Seeing a trailer is just absurd.
  • Mod
    This particular series is part of my gaming blind spot. I've always wanted to try them out, but I was busy with other titles whenever they released back in the day. Still really want to play them.
  • I may just buy a ps4 for this.
  • You have a choice of systems to play it on.... But everyone will get the PS4 version.
  • I have no doubt in my mind this game is going to be phenomenal after all the improvements they've made to the combat and exploration with Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance. I really want to see a world based on The Great Mouse Detective. Ratigan is one of most underrated Disney villains out there.
  • PS4 KH3 gonna be so sick.

  • Is it me or did sora get more japanese looking. In the face that is. Everything else was already japanese
  • Sweet.

  • I wonder if I could play this without playing the handheld games and not be confused?
  • This trailer is amazing until that last bit about the release date.

  • Short and simple yet it indicates so much, I really can't wait to see more of this game.

  • HOLY CRAP! KH3!!! FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Incidentally, what is that orange bar above Sora's icon? Are they bringing back drives, or what?
  • Awww....I thought this was a full gameplay trailer like the FFXV one that was just released.

  • Ummm Why is this for XBOXDONE
  • I hope what was shown was in-engine, and not pre-rendered, because, visually, it looks fantastic.
  • Tears of freaking joy. Can't wait for this game. About dang time. I hope they drop some marvel and star wars surprises in.

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