I loved Kingdom Hearts when I played it nearly 10 years ago.Combining characters from various Final Fantasy games as well as various Disney characters and world into one game and and making them feel like they belong in the story is a wonderful idea/achievement.

The story is about creatures known as the 'heartless' that destroy entire worlds.Three teens named Sora,Kairi and Riku live on tropical islands known as the Destiny Islands and one day they're preparing to build a raft to explore the world but their plans were interrupted by the heartless who destroyed the Destiny islands and Sora becomes separated from his friends but comes into possession of a weapon known as the 'keyblade' which is supposed to be a powerful weapon and can also lock seals to worlds to prevent them being invaded by the heartless.So basically Sora needs to go and search for his friends and try to seal the worlds

The story might sound simple but it shows inner-struggles that some of the main characters have to face and how it's not only the heartless that can be their enemy and Sora's search for his friends has revelations that will surely surprise you.

The villains are quite interesting because they are villains from various Disney and Final Fantasy games,such as Maleficent,Ursula,Jafar,Sephiroth as well as original villains and most of the villains want to see the heartless succeed.

There is many cameo appearances from familiar Final Fantasy as Disney characters and they fit well into place.Such as how Tidus and Wakka hang out in the tropical Destiny Islands which suits them since they spent much time in Besaid and tropical places in FFX.

Squall Leonheart wonders around one of the towns like a mercenary.The story from Aladdin mixes in with the story in Kingdom Hearts so Aladdin is trying to stop Jafar and since Jafar is influenced from the heartless you need to stop him with Aladdin's help(which means going to Arabia).Cloud is a strong warrior in the coliseum and Tarzan is in the jungle and you travel through the jungle environments.

Iconic Disney characters such as Micky Mouse and Goofy are in the game,Micky is actually a king and Goofy joins your party and and fights like a warrior whilst retaining his goofish charm during story scenes.

The gameplay is like a hack n slash RPG with a bit of platforming.There's a lock on feature and it's helpful for when you cast and launch magic at enemies and you can jump to dodge attacks as well as for platforming and there's a roll ability to dodge attacks and a guard ability that can be learned.There's also a summoning ability too and you can summon Simba from lion king or other Disney characters.

The environments have a nice diversity of Disney themed worlds such as environments from Aladdin's world,Tarzan's world,Hercules,Alice in wonderland,Little mermaid etc. Thus they look very colorful and and imaginative.You go from being in Arabia to being in a lush jungle and then in ancient Greece and then in the wackoish world of Alice in Wonderland and under the sea in Little Mermaid.The artstyle for Kingdom Hearts is wonderful and the polish from HD makes things look cleaner and smoother.

The collection features HD remakes of the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts re Chain of Memories and story scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days.

As great as the original Kingdom Hearts is,I felt the price for this title at the time of it's release is a bit steep considering Kingdom Hearts II isn't included and KH Chain of Memories is my least favorite KH game and the content for KH 358/2 days isn't a game.

For people who don't know,the story for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and 358/2 days occurs in-between the events of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.KH Chain of Memories uses a card-based battle system which takes place in real-time speed and lets you move around as you normally would in a fully real time battle system but the fact it's card based makes me feel like it's more restricting compared to the action-based button mashy combat from other KH games.

Overall,KH in HD is worth experiencing again and if you haven't already played KH,this game is the definitive version of it and you'll get lots of story knowledge right until before Kingdom Hearts II(which will be released as part of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 remix and don't forget Kingdom Hearts 3 is still to come and there's other KH Hearts games with their own story contribution to the series.