Kingdom Hearts is back! Included in this collection is Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, RE: Chain of Memories, and the cutscenes from 358/2 Days.

The Final Mix version is one that up until now has never left Japan. It introduces new enemies, bosses, weapons, accessories, abilities, cutscenes, bug fixes and much more. The graphics have been updated so that the game resembles what you may remember, Sora becomes transparent when the camera needs him to, you can skip already-seen cutscenes, and the difficulty is higher. While on Beginner, the game is a cakewalk. You start out with a Ribbon, EXP Chain, 8 Power Ups, 8 Guard Ups and 4 AP Ups. But normal and Proud modes are more difficult than their equals in the original game, as in normal you take 2x and in Proud 4x damage, making dying in only two hits pretty common. Gummi ship missions are also affected, with the same multipliers.

Kingdom Hearts RE: CoM has also been remastered and is based off the PS2 version of the game (hence the RE if you were wondering). The game isn't all that bad contrary to Bryan's opinion, those who played the original know what to expect. The gameworld is about the same as the first game and you move Sora in the same fashion, only you attack with a deck of cards. Each card represents a different ability, and the higher the number on the card the stronger the ability will be. So whether you want to swing your keyblade or use a powerful magic, there's a card for that! Combining multiple cards will result in Sleights. These can range from powering up a spell, unleashing a powerful ability or executing a deadly combo.

As for 358/2 days, it's 3 hours of remastered cutscenes. So you may not have another game to play, but you can catch up on the story and what happened before the original game, which is great if you missed the game the first time around. All in all this is a great collection, featuring one amazing game, one pretty good game, and a ton of cutscenes to pore over while you await the reveal and eventual release of the second collection. Unfortunately it isn't perfect, so as much as this fan wants to I can't rate it a perfect 10.