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  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

    Many fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have been rather upset at the fact that Square Enix seems intent on not releasing KH3, and have not been playing the games that explain the finer details of its sometimes confusing story. With Re: Coded and 356/8 Days it is obvious why many people did not want to... More
  • Blog Post: A Pleasant Surprise for This Fangirl

    I'll admit it. I'm a total fangirl when it comes to the Kingdom Hearts series. When I first found trailers and gameplay footage of Birth by Sleep, my initial reactions involved high pitched incomprehensible noises and flailing limbs. It didn't help quell my excitement to know that the game... More
  • Blog Post: Mind Blowing

    Being a longtime Kingdom Hearts fan, I was more than pleased when I heard that Square Enix was going to release a prequel to the first Kingdom Hearts game. Not having a Nintendo DS, I missed out on 358/2 Days, so I was more than pleased when they announced that Birth by Sleep was going to be a PSP exclusive... More
  • Blog Post: Almost perfect

    Now i will not say i was disappointed with BBS, but it was a little bit less than i expected. The three different characters was cool at first, that is until you finish the story you've started. I was not very thrilled with starting a whole new character after spending so much time on another one... More
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