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  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts 3D review: One of the best Kingdom Hearts entries to date

    Fans of Kingdom Hearts have been dreaming of Kingdom Hearts 3 for consoles for ages now. However instead of that, Square dropped a new Kingdom Hearts game for the 3DS. Many fans then became angry at Square for the distance they would have to go continue the story of the series once again. (Okay no more... More
  • Blog Post: This looks like a great game

    I have followed Kingdom Hearts from the very beginning. It just keeps getting better and better. I just love the story line and the characters, it always seems to surprise me. I would like for Kingdom Hearts to come back to the console's rather then the portable devices. I am still going to enjoy... More
  • Blog Post: KH3D

    KH3D is a powerful and worthy addition to the franchise. With its new Flowmotion combat, useful and customizable partners, and a great story-advancing plot, it is a great title for 3DS. But there are some points for improvement. It did have AR card functionality, but it is nowhere near its full potential... More
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