Kingdom Hearts has been around for ten years and Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) is an excellent final entry before Kingdom Hearts III. New mechanics, enemies, and allies make this a great entry and tenth aniversary game Kingdom Hearts fan have waited for.

Many people would rather play the PS2 games and skip the handheld console versions of Kingdom Hearts, so it's possible that many will skip this entry. I would actually recommend this entry since Square didn't lie about this game being close or par to the PS2 Kingdom Hearts games. As many know, this is the final Kingdom Hearts game before Kingdom Hearts III, so its best to play this game and see what is about to happen in the future title. This game has mementos, helping those who havn't played the other games by giving them main points and summaries of the past games leading to KH3D.

My favorite part of Kingdom Hearts is the music, and Yoko Shimomura never fails to impress me. The music is beautiful and catchy. Since characters of the game The World Ends With You appear in K3D, Takeharu Ishimoto was involved as well for this title. As in every Kingdom Hearts title, Dearly Beloved, the main menu song, has been remodified and in my opinion, it's the best version so far in this series. 

Sora and Riku are back and this time they are being tested in the Mark of Mastery Exam to become full fledged keyblade masters. The worlds they visit this time around are new or new parts of the world such as Pinocchio. The fighting system has included Flowmotion which becomes useful in many occasions either to attack or evade powerful enemy attacks. The deckcommand is back from Birth By Sleep so some people will feel familier to this system. The drop system helps players go back in forth between Sora and Riku and understand what is going on in each character's storyline. The drop happens no matter if running around a map or fighting a boss battle. If your character is in the middle of a boss fight, it is recommended to take special items that drop the guage, or you will drop and when you come back, the boss will have his health restored.   

Your new allies are now Spirit dream eaters. They are colorful new partners you can interact with through minigames or by petting them. The more you play with them, the more they grow closer to you, therefore you get strong allies. If you miss the magician Donald and strength fighting Goofy, you can always get a dream eater that gives spells, and a dream eater that fight with pure strength. 

The story is awsome and there will be shocking or maybe just surprising events depending on the person. We can also see the growth of Riku and his battle with darkness as seen before. We also see the return of past allies and enemies as well, some who later become allies. The story continues to grow and the ending will keep fans and new players alike wanting more and increase the anticipation of the finale of Kingdom Hearts which may take a while longer until Final Fantasy Versus XIII is released according to Tetsuya Nomura. For now, enjoy Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance or the past Kingdom Hearts.