KH3D is a powerful and worthy addition to the franchise. With its new Flowmotion combat, useful and customizable partners, and a great story-advancing plot, it is a great title for 3DS. But there are some points for improvement. It did have AR card functionality, but it is nowhere near its full potential. Only people who pre-ordered the game or got the Mark of Mastery Edition will actually have any cards to scan. Every card but one can only be scanned once per play through/save file, with the reusable card being a podium for your Spirits (friendly Dream Eaters). But if you do have the cards, the Spirits they unlock are super-powerful and can be unlocked at the very beginning of the game, giving you huge advantages.  Now, the Spirits themselves were a great idea, but are complicated, require repetitive mini-games/Nintendogs-style "attention", and don't do much damage. But on the flip side, they can unlock special abilities, rare combat/magic commands, and can occassionally "link" with Sora or Riku for powerful attacks. These two things are the only major annoyances throughout the game. The new Flowmotion combat system lets you perform powerful environmental attacks anywhere, and even letting you use large Nightmares (enemy Dream Eaters) against smaller ones. Reality Shifts are also a great new combat feature that let take control of Nightmares and some objects and use special attacks or gain environmental advantages such as new areas or larger jumps. While the game does advance the franchise plot, it also helps refresh your memory of the series, and also makes for a great starting point for new players.