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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix Releases Traverse Town Screens, Preorder Bonus Info

Kingdom Hearts veterans will no doubt remember Traverse Town, the first game's hub world. It's back in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and you can check in out in a batch of new screens. And while you're here, Square Enix has revealed details about the game's preorder bonuses.

If you preorder the game from a participating retailer, you'll get a set of three AR cards. The first randomly distributed card will unlock one of three different dream eater characters: Meowjesty, Sudo Neku, or Ursa Circus (from left to right, above). The second card unlocks R&R Seal, the guy on the far right with the thousand-yard stare. The third card will give you a special in-game viewing stand, which will allow you to rotate your Dream Eaters to look at them from all angles. Be careful when spinning Meowjesty around; I suspect his back end is pretty gruesome.

You can see all the new Traverse Town screens in the gallery below. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is due out July 31 on the 3DS.


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  • I'm super stoked for this game, but these pre-order bonuses are terrible -.-
  • Square, having discovered the art of Lisa Frank, decides that they can take that hack and ups the cute factor to radioactive troll-doll levels.

  • Is that a moogle?

  • just show more screenshots of TWEWY in the KH style i almost want to buy a 3ds JUST for this game
  • It literally makes no sense to have fans screaming constantly for you to make a game that you intend to make and never get around to making it, taking six years to make something completely unrelated. Supply and demand? And I understand its art, but I also know that the the story isn't gonna get any better now regardless of what comes out because it's stupid.
  • Here's hoping that a Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (with this game included) is in the works. Make it happen Square-Enix!


  • I was looking at the thumbnails and didn't even realize I passed over this article. I don't know why...Oh wait, it was the stupid little dream-eater guy that misled me.

  • Are The World Ends With You characters just special guests in this game or have they appeared in earlier Kingdom Heart games? I've never played a KH game but I loved TWEWY.
  • AR Cards? What is this, kid icarus...either way, i'm fine with that.

    And the addition of TWEWY chachacters is pretty awesome though. I can't wait to see the English version in action.
    Extremely stoked for this and theatrythm FF in July.
  • Mod

    AR cards, eh? Well, that's better than no bonus at all. Guess I'll be pre-ordering.

  • *sees TWEWY characters*

    Rejoice, Rejoice! Yes!

  • these look really stupid.

  • I loved the PSP version, and this might get me to buy the 3DS since this series is beyond amazing in my opinion. I did not play the one for the DS but to me it didn't feel look like a true KH game, though I did play the GBA version and kind of liked it.

  • I have played through KH and KH2 both three times. I have played at least a few hours of each of the others games but never really felt hooked. Birth By Sleep was close, but the rest were just meh. I'm sure this will be more of the same meh, but it won't stop me from trying.

  • EPIC!

  • Yeah, hopefully english voices for the world ends with you

  • My sister would love this game.

  • man kingdom heart developers has gotten so lame why would u waste your time making a game for a gay 3ds and u can make another classic on ps3 and why aint the 1st 2 on psn