Kingdom Hearts veterans will no doubt remember Traverse Town, the first game's hub world. It's back in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and you can check in out in a batch of new screens. And while you're here, Square Enix has revealed details about the game's preorder bonuses.

If you preorder the game from a participating retailer, you'll get a set of three AR cards. The first randomly distributed card will unlock one of three different dream eater characters: Meowjesty, Sudo Neku, or Ursa Circus (from left to right, above). The second card unlocks R&R Seal, the guy on the far right with the thousand-yard stare. The third card will give you a special in-game viewing stand, which will allow you to rotate your Dream Eaters to look at them from all angles. Be careful when spinning Meowjesty around; I suspect his back end is pretty gruesome.

You can see all the new Traverse Town screens in the gallery below. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is due out July 31 on the 3DS.


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