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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix Releases Traverse Town Screens, Preorder Bonus Info

Kingdom Hearts veterans will no doubt remember Traverse Town, the first game's hub world. It's back in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and you can check in out in a batch of new screens. And while you're here, Square Enix has revealed details about the game's preorder bonuses.

If you preorder the game from a participating retailer, you'll get a set of three AR cards. The first randomly distributed card will unlock one of three different dream eater characters: Meowjesty, Sudo Neku, or Ursa Circus (from left to right, above). The second card unlocks R&R Seal, the guy on the far right with the thousand-yard stare. The third card will give you a special in-game viewing stand, which will allow you to rotate your Dream Eaters to look at them from all angles. Be careful when spinning Meowjesty around; I suspect his back end is pretty gruesome.

You can see all the new Traverse Town screens in the gallery below. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is due out July 31 on the 3DS.


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  • Not a big Kingdom Hearts fan, but I guess I'd be excited if I was.
  • The series moves forward, sweet. The screenshots look great.

  • The game looks awesome, i'm going to have to get a 3ds before this releases.
  • Oh god, I'm not looking forward to hearing what Beat from TWEWY sounds like with an English voice actor in this game. Not because I think the voice acting will be bad per se, but because all of his dialogue is laughably bad. And those pre-order bonuses... kinda weak. But at least the content don't seem to be even remotely significant. I can definitely respect Square for that.
  • I just want KH3 it's been six years already since KH2. I guess it would be nice for them to do HD upgrades for 1&2 and possibly RE:COM. Preferably the final mix versions. It be nice to see them release BBS for PS3 as well like Sony did for the GOW PSP titles. Was hoping to get the HD announcement around the 10 year anniversary of KH1 but that didn't happen. And since it's the same dev team I might as well mention Versus XIII. Expect to hear nothing about any of these titles at E3.
  • I'm not sure I'd call it the "hub world". More like the tutorial world.
  • The game is shaping up good for a western release.

  • While this does represent a spark of hope, I'm so jaded with games and Square-Enix, I'll wait until I actually play it before I dote on it.

  • This is so stupid...
  • Not buying this never buying a Kingdom Hearts game again
  • I'm a little excited for this game and big fan of the series. I plan to try it out before making up my mind, still unsure if it's a first day or first week buy for me.

  • I reacted the same way Neku does in that screenshot. "Yeah. Sounds great. Whatever."

    You know, I loved Kingdom Hearts back when it first came out. Loved Chain of Memories (despite it's weird card system), as well as KH2. Birth By Sleep was awesome as well since it reminded me a lot of 2.

    I'd be much more excited for KH3D is the Dream Eaters didn't look absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, I cannot stand how most of them look. The dinosaur, dragon, and a few others look better though.

    Oh, but I love the beetle. That one reminds me of Gravity Beetle from the Megaman X games, which is awesome.

  • I find using TWEWY characters in KH to be out of place, but oh well.
  • When will Square stop dicking around with the minutia of prequel entries and give us a grand Kingdom Hearts III finale???
  • It's name is MEOWJESTY.

    I like this game more and more every time I read news about it.

  • This looks hella lame.....hella hella hella.
  • You see, people? This is why Versus XIII is taking so long. They have to channel all their cute thoughts into this series to prevent them interfering with the dark thoughts of Versus XIII.

  • * smacks forehead *
  • I can't wait for this game to come out. It keeps looking better and better with each piece of news.
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