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Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance European Release Possibly July

Square Enix momentarily had a release date listed for the French launch of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for July 27 on its website.

The listing has since been changed to simply Summer 2012. European and North American release dates from Square Enix usually aren't too far apart, so a July date for Dream Drop Distance could be a fair assumption based on Square Enix' Internet slip-up. For now we'll just have to be hopeful for sometime in the general Summer.

[via Gimme Gimme Games]

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  • Please let it be soon. I really want to see the story progress, but I might give in to the temptation and google the ending if it's too far away....
  • i still need a 3Ds v.v
  • I was hoping for a June release but July is much more likely, what with localization and all.


    Why no 'Murica? After all, Disney is American.

  • Uh, love ingdom hearts, pls come to vita.
  • Well, isn't that nice. I just wish the article said "Fact", instead of "Rumor"


  • Hope it's true. Probably won't get an official date from Square Enix for like another two months.

  • This game is a the main reason I want the 3DS. I really want the Vita but I still dont no what to get first...

  • Can anyone tell me more about this game because it all ways looked like it was a Final Fantasy with a Disney theme?
  • How about April?

  • I want it!

  • My reaction:
  • I've never had a chance to play any of the Kingdom Hearts games so, the fact that this isn't a direct continuation of the story doesn't really phase me, it looked like a ton of fun from the gameplay trailer. Besides, I could use a reason to break out my dust, I mean my 3DS.
  • I just want Kingdom Hearts 3.
  • This and the new Fire Emblem are really convincing me to get a 3DS.


  • Im not getting a 3DS until a Pokémon game comes out for it. However i hope this doesnt suck so that when i finally get a 3DS, i can get this game as well
  • If anyone is interested in getting this game but has not played a game in the series, or any of the other handhelds, I recommend you check out this playlist. It has all the major plot points marked out so you can get an overview of what you missed and prepare you for 3D and KH3!

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