In the wake of the recent release date announcement of the Xbox One's arrival in China, Snail Games has announced that it is developing a new title. King of Wushu is a martial arts-themed MOBA.

Set in classical China, King of Wushu brings in elements from MMOs and third-person action titles. As with traditional MOBAs, the game will feature five-on-five player matches in which the teams work to destroy the other's base.

To get a taste for the gameplay, check out the teaser below. In addition, take a look at the image gallery below to see some of the playable characters.

King of Wushu is still in the very early stages of development, so there is no word on a release date. It will be coming to Xbox One and PC. If you're an Xbox user looking to scratch their MOBA itch, it may be worth checking out AirMech Arena for Xbox 360.