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Kinect Star Wars

Arm Swinging Report: Rancor Playable In Kinect Star Wars

Years from now, when your children talk about world events that happened in 2011, they'll likely bring up today's shocking announcement of a rancor being playable in Kinect Star Wars.

Game Informer's Jeff Cork had a chance to play as this lumbering beast, and, well, had this to say: "You basically stomp around and Kinect occasionally does what you act out. You're on a timer and you have to create as much havok as possible before it runs out. You walk by stomping in place, and you turn your shoulders to change direction. Your arms are supposed to swing and grab stuff, but it didn't recognize my movements very well. You can do a ground pound to take out buildings. You can also pick up people and either throw them or eat them. Supposedly there will be more Rancor variants from the expanded universe, including one that flies."

The rancor level he saw was set on the iconic Tatooine. The rancor is periodically tasked to complete objectives along the lines of "destroy three buildings" and "eat three civilians." Here's hoping the last objective in the game is "get crushed by steel gate."

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  • alas.. a game much more suited to be created for the playstation move

  • Flying Rancor!

  • IT doesn't matter who's playable if the game sucks!

  • That's pretty cool, it's just a shame this game is terrible. You'd think they'd have given up already. Bottom line is, if the game isn't playable, it doesn't matter what you put in it.

  • Lame! BF3 would be cool but I think Star Wars was on the right track with it's Force Unleashed series I know the last one kinda stunk but they should move forward with some of the franchises basic mechanics and create an action platformer that's a Ninja Gaiden/God of War hybrid. I really want to F things up with a lightsaber in a game that can finally live up to the action of that universe.

  • Thank you Microsoft. I spent all my hard earned money on the Kinect and couldnt wait to get it before it came out. I told everyone how awesome it was going to be. Now I have a permanent tattoo on my head that says sucker. Thanks for my $150.00 paper weight.

  • I think they'll be more shocked to hear anyone played Kinect Star Wars...

  • Wow. How many times can you squeeze the word, "Kinect" onto the box:) I mean, wasn't it a dead giveaway that the game is called "Kinect Star Wars"? Dumb parents REALLY need to be reminded that, yes, the Kinect is required to play? Jeez laweez there are some dumb parents out there...

    At any rate, I certainly hope Terminal Reality and Lucasarts turn this baby around soon. I mean, sh** - every preview ever written about it has basically been a variant of, "This would be pretty cool...if it worked. Which it doesn't". Why can't Microsoft step in and start helping out with the tech and controls? This is KIND OF an important game for the Kinect, wouldn't you say? Can't you be bothered to take a personal interest in it, MS?
  • I'm really not sure about this game. I want to get excited about it, but the whole kinect control scheme has me spooked.

  • I really hope this game isn't a gimmick and is actually fun...

  • I'm a die hard long time Star Wars fan, I have been ever since I was 3 and I even saw a re-released version of all the classics in theaters when I was a kid, but there's just something about this game that looks stupid and unappealing even with this announcement. I don't know if it's the gameplay, the Kinect, or just my opinion that this idea would be much cooler in say I don't know The Old Republic coming out soon. It just seems cliche to use this idea and tbh the Rancor might not have been the best idea. It was cool in The Force Unleashed where you get to fight the Bull Rancor.

  • I will be very surprised if this game turns out to be any good.  Previous demos that I've seen haven't convinced me it will be.

  • I really want to see a game that combines both the controller and Kinect - such as moving and looking to use the controller and, not unlike an HL2 mod I read about recently, using the head to lean around corners.

  • This title looks about as abysmal as you can get at this point. Don't know why they don't stop beating what was once a great franchise into the ground.