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Kinect Star Wars

Debut Trailer For Kinect Star Wars

For many, a Kinect Star Wars game is all they've wanted from the peripheral. LucasArts and developer Terminal Reality will show the game at E3, and here's your first glimpse.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive video of the game's E3 trailer, and it shows off a range of Kinect-enabled Star Wars action set in Episodes I-III, including Force attacks, lightsaber action (naturally), podracing, fighter combat, and even Rancor stomping (whatever that is). EW's report even says that some form of voice-commands is enabled. Although the game's main Jedi Destiny mode encompasses Episodes I-III, players will get to visit locations from the original trilogy such as Bespin.

Kinect Star Wars also includes co-op play, but we likely won't have details on that until the start of E3.

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  • looks pretty bad. However it would have been absolutely awesome had they gotten the original star wars kid to do the demo.

    and hey I dont think he was 8 feet from the kinect
  • Haters gonna hate. I, for one, think that this like a better way to use the Kinect than some ridiculous sports game or some other garbage IP. Someday, if I have a Kinect, I'll give this game a try.
  • this would be a lot better on PS with the move.

  • Looks craptacular

  • IDK i gotta see a full demo to get a better aspect of it

  • Wow I would never buy a kinect, only since people look so lame playing it. Plus the graphics look awful, not to mention how annoying it is to see more star wars crap. Enough George Lucas, your worse than KISS with the whole whoring your license out and trying to squeeze every penny out of a franchise that came from some of the worst SciFi films in history. They were good (not great) when they came out, now they're stale and crappy.

  • "For many, a Kinect Star Wars game is all they've wanted from the peripheral." Eugh, from this trailer I'm not sure I do want it, and I'm a star wars nut.

  • Hmmm... 'Feel the force' no, 'Be the Jedi', no... 'Finally kill Jar Jar Binks with your own hands' I'd buy a game with THAT marketing.

  • Warning, this game may cause vivid hallucinations (apparently)

  • Booo this looks bad

  • It looks more like that jedi his has lightsaber up some other place rather than his hands...

  • Another day another failed attempt at a motion controlled Star Wars game

  • That just looks bad. First off Im pretty sure all of the game was once again prerecorded because it just didn't look right. Also when are people gonna realize that you can't make a game where you can roam around with Kinect.

  • wow not half bad

  • Man, it looks good. I hope it has an actual story instead of the force unleashed 2 "clone story". I hope that 2 player wont be that mario galaxy crap. The inability to move will be a problem though I dont think obi-wan force scooted through tatooine.

  • Could be good(The key words are COULD BE)

  • I think I hate this already.

  • Might be time to get a Kinect

  • MAN.. I hope its as fun as it looks and I can't wait to beat it and then WALK INTO STAR WARS!

  • The graphics arent the best.