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Kinect Star Wars

Debut Trailer For Kinect Star Wars

For many, a Kinect Star Wars game is all they've wanted from the peripheral. LucasArts and developer Terminal Reality will show the game at E3, and here's your first glimpse.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive video of the game's E3 trailer, and it shows off a range of Kinect-enabled Star Wars action set in Episodes I-III, including Force attacks, lightsaber action (naturally), podracing, fighter combat, and even Rancor stomping (whatever that is). EW's report even says that some form of voice-commands is enabled. Although the game's main Jedi Destiny mode encompasses Episodes I-III, players will get to visit locations from the original trilogy such as Bespin.

Kinect Star Wars also includes co-op play, but we likely won't have details on that until the start of E3.

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  • More worried about this than excited. It says Episodes I-III, but I clearly see Stormtroopers at the end of the video in the bottom left corner. Also, wasn't this supposed to be like an on-rails adventure game?

  • I see that a lot of you guys are dissing this game. I have 3 friends who work at this game studio and they have not let me down yet. This is not you average pet the nice tigers game *** that is kinect enabled. I think ti is going to be a lot of fun even if the graphics are wii style. At least give it a fighting chance to be judged.

  • The fail is strong with this trailer.

    1 more reason kinect sucks.

  • It looks better now but I could have gone with out all the "movie magic" in the trailer.  Show me real people actually playing the real game than I will make my opinion on whether this is cool or not.

  • It looks better now but I could have gone with out all the "movie magic" in the trailer.  Show me real people actually playing the real game than I will make my opinion on whether this is cool or not.


  • While the trailer could have been a lot better (minus the canned actors), there are a lot of cool things going on in the game from the looks of it. With a lot of variety in the gameplay, it could allow for a great deal of fun. I'll have to see and read more before I commit to a purchase, but all in all, that was better than I expected which might not be saying much.

  • eww i would never play without a controller.

  • Ugh. On one hand, I'm glad someone is trying to make that long-held dream that we've all had a reality, of having a Star Wars game that has motion sensing, lightsabers, and Force powers but...well, I don't think this game is the one we all are looking for. It's a step in the right direction, but we're a long ways off from mastering the technology needed to make this the ultimate wish fulfillment we've wanted for so long.

    One day day...

  • "You've taken you're first step into a larger world".

  • This game looks like it will really strike that casual crowd well. I wont like it but I know a few ten year olds that will love it.
  • what a piece of sh*t. Well I guess the casuals will be happy anyway

  • Why is it that developers don't think we want to walk in place in order to move on our own?  Kinect games do NOT have to be on rails.  It's not the technology, it's the developers taking the easy way out on the programming.

  • It looks so cheap... I feel embarrassed for the poor f***s in this commercial.

  • Oh god, people will end up kicking their TVs in.

  • Ok, now I'll have to buy Kinect. LOL

  • Cool, but HOW CAN YOU MOVE? It looked like it might automatically make you go to the next enemy. Seems a bit, well, gimmicky.

  • can'

  • Can't wait to rent it!