I heard plenty of people complaining about Kinect Star Wars. Saying stuff like "a true Star Wars fan would cry" yada yada yada. Let me put you at ease, I am a true Star Wars fan and I loved it. True it has a few bugs but show me a kinect game that doesn't. I had some issues wielding my light saber and controlling the force but that was because my character was left handed while I'm right handed. The Galactic Dance-Off was so funny and right up my ally. It's pretty clear that they got some help from the people at dance central which made me happy. If it was set up like just dance I probably would have been pretty annoyed. I found it very cleaver how they changed some of the songs we know like Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle and changed it to Princess in a Battle or  Jason Derulo's Ridin' Solo into I'm Han Solo. Rancor Rampage was an absolute blast. I couldn't say what's more fun, throwing people or eating them. While you are restricted to an certain area, it is good sized with plenty of buildings to smash, people to squish, and chaos to be reeked. Fly the Pod Racers and Land speeders can really take a toll on your arms but is still filled with fast pace fun and plenty of things to run into if you're a tad clumsy behind the reins, like myself. Perhaps I enjoy it more than other because I like to be active during my games and so the Kinect is perfect for me. None the less you should check it out. And to everyone who won't even pick it up and assume it sucks, don't knock it till you try it :P