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Very Enjoyable :)

I heard plenty of people complaining about Kinect Star Wars. Saying stuff like "a true Star Wars fan would cry" yada yada yada. Let me put you at ease, I am a true Star Wars fan and I loved it. True it has a few bugs but show me a kinect game that doesn't. I had some issues wielding my light saber and controlling the force but that was because my character was left handed while I'm right handed. The Galactic Dance-Off was so funny and right up my ally. It's pretty clear that they got some help from the people at dance central which made me happy. If it was set up like just dance I probably would have been pretty annoyed. I found it very cleaver how they changed some of the songs we know like Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle and changed it to Princess in a Battle or  Jason Derulo's Ridin' Solo into I'm Han Solo. Rancor Rampage was an absolute blast. I couldn't say what's more fun, throwing people or eating them. While you are restricted to an certain area, it is good sized with plenty of buildings to smash, people to squish, and chaos to be reeked. Fly the Pod Racers and Land speeders can really take a toll on your arms but is still filled with fast pace fun and plenty of things to run into if you're a tad clumsy behind the reins, like myself. Perhaps I enjoy it more than other because I like to be active during my games and so the Kinect is perfect for me. None the less you should check it out. And to everyone who won't even pick it up and assume it sucks, don't knock it till you try it :P

  • "True it has a few bugs but show me a kinect game that doesn't." Just because it's not as crappy as other Kinect games, that doesn't make it good.
  • He has the right of his own opinion; and for those of you saying its not good. You probably haven't played the game. I haven't i'm just saying that it doesn't have to be bad just based on peoples opinions.
  • I've played it briefly and the game has so many issues picking up your moviements. I didn't enjoy the dance-mode, the songs just made me cringe too much.

  • Fan is a word derived from fanatic, yet so much positivity is applied to this word. Why?

    I screwed around with it and it controls like a chicken tied to a brick. I derived only a moment of enjoyment trying to watch everyone else attempt to not appear utterly stupid while trying to get this faulty kinect game working consistently.

  • Let me ask you one question; How much did Lucas pay you to write this? This reminds me of 2008 propaganda about Obama. Telling people he's great, when in reality he's a worthless disastrous pile of crap that everyone who knows anything will hate. Basically the same but to a lesser degree, because there is no way this game is as bad as that one term hack............... Rant over.
  • So because it is no worse than other Kinect games, that makes it....better? All in all, I can understand someone liking this game if they are looking for a goofy game and can look past some of the flaws. So, I am not going to insult your opinion like some of these other readers.
  • I can name you a goofy game that plays better than this one; The Gunstringer.  

    Props to you for liking it, but this game in no way deserves an 8.  At every showing before launch, people have tried to tell developers the controls need work.  It appears, that the developers ran out of time, and LucasArts has better things to fund than this game they themselves accepted as a flop.  It's not the first Star Wars game to get this treatment either, it won't be the last.

  • So just because it's a Kinect game, that excuses its bugs and control issues? Let me inform all game developer that they can be lazy with controls and get away with it if they make a Kinect game. Some Kinect games, such as The Gunstringer and Child of Eden have excellent controls and are praised for them, because people know how hard that is to achieve on Kinect. What you said undervalues their achievement to justify the crappy controls in a game you probably wouldn't have liked if it wasn't a Star Wars title.

  • While I'm enjoying the game, let's be very honest about it: At BEST it's a 5. Utterly average.

    The problem with the game is that when it works, it works REALLY well and is enjoyable but those moments just aren't often. There are brief glimpses of a solid game in here, but then those glimpses are destroyed by the Kinect Plague of terrible tracking and sluggish response. I have been "defeated" far too many times in Dark Side Rising because it doesn't recognize my jump to go over an obstacle, even though if I jump any higher I'd bonk my head on the ceiling.

    My issue with Galactic Dance Off isn't that it somehow kills my childhood. Lucas did that sufficiently already. My problem is that it's just a shoddy rip off of Dance Central. It legitimately feels like they copy and pasted to capitalize on the fact that Dance Central is one of the few Kinect games that hasn't been universally panned. Many online reviewers say it's "funny" and if I don't find it funny I must be missing a humor. Well, I don't find it funny at all and I assure you I have a perfectly fine sense of humor (maybe a little warped).

    So the game is worthy of a 5; average and bordering on mediocre. Probably good to try at least once, as a rental, for anyone who has a Kinect. Star Wars with Lightsaber combat was THE SINGLE BIGGEST intellectual property that folks wanted out of motion controls since the Wii hit the market and all it ended up being was a collection of derivative mini-game shovelware. This COULD HAVE BEEN the game that made people stand up and take notice of motion controls as something serious but, instead, the fact that they blundered such a desired IP could just be the death knell of motion gaming.