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  • Blog Post: Former Dr. Who David Tennant Lending His Voice To Kinect Sports Rivals

    David Tennant, a former Dr. Who (and apparent Dr. Pepper aficionado), will be the narrator for Kinect Sports Rivals. In the video below, which shows off a little bit of the game, Tennant shares his personal athletic achievements, as well as his own experiences with video games. In the video he says the... More
  • Blog Post: Breaking A Sweat In Bowling, Tennis, Soccer, Climbing, And Wave Racing

    Recently, I had the chance to go hands (and feet) on with a new Kinect Sports Rivals preview. During our time with the game, we experienced the bowling, soccer, tennis, climbing, and wave racing minigames. The entire experience starts with a body and facial scanning process. This took only a couple of... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Sports Rivals Coming April 8

    Microsoft and Rare have dated the Xbox One’s inaugural first-party Kinect title. Rare’s Kinect Sport Rivals will be coming in the first days of spring. The follow up to the pair of Kinect Sports entries on Xbox 360 was at one time expected to accompany the launch of Microsoft’s latest... More
  • Blog Post: New Kinect Sports Rivals Video Shows Off The Environment

    Kinect Sports Rivals, the former Xbox One launch title , is coming soon, and a new video shows off the game's environments. All of the sports games take place on a single island, and as the weather changes and day turns to night, it will affect aspects of the game. High winds, for example, can knock... More
  • Blog Post: Jumping Waves With The New Kinect

    Rare’s Kinect Sports was a premiere title used to showcase the Xbox 360’s motion-detecting Kinect camera. The developer is at it again with Kinect Sports Rivals for the Xbox One. The game features the ability to scan your face so your digital avatar can jet ski, rock climb and more. I had... More
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