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Former Dr. Who David Tennant Lending His Voice To Kinect Sports Rivals

David Tennant, a former Dr. Who (and apparent Dr. Pepper aficionado), will be the narrator for Kinect Sports Rivals.

In the video below, which shows off a little bit of the game, Tennant shares his personal athletic achievements, as well as his own experiences with video games. In the video he says the last game that really grabbed his attention was Batman: Arkham Asylum.

For more on Kinect Sports Rivals, head here to read our most recent hands-on (body-on?) preview. Kinect Sports Rivals arrives on Xbox One April 8.

[Source: Xbox Wire]

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  • of all the games...

  • Who cares if they said Dr. Who? Sure, its technically wrong, but it is the name of the show, and not everyone watches the show.

  • Hiring David Tennant for Kinect Sports...thats gotta be like...what...63% of their $20,000 budget for that game?

  • Love me some Doctor in my video games.

  • God I forgot how awful a scottish accent is, could be up there with bostonian.

  • it's "Doctor" not "Dr." It's a name, not a title.

  • Mod

    I red about this a while ago! Good to see Tennant doing other stuff other than being The Doctor!

  • This should now be retitled 'Kinect Sports Rivals: Adventures in Time and Space.'

  • Kinect: Tennant the game.

  • This is plain silly - Tennant has not only never voiced a game before, but any competent voice actor could do the job better and for less money. Clearly a marketing stunt, though who will care enough to plop down a few Hamiltons is a mystery to me. (Is this also a plug for Dr. Pepper?)
  • I would never lent my voice to Garbage Kinect game...

    Because all Kinect games are below mediocre