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Former Dr. Who David Tennant Lending His Voice To Kinect Sports Rivals

David Tennant, a former Dr. Who (and apparent Dr. Pepper aficionado), will be the narrator for Kinect Sports Rivals.

In the video below, which shows off a little bit of the game, Tennant shares his personal athletic achievements, as well as his own experiences with video games. In the video he says the last game that really grabbed his attention was Batman: Arkham Asylum.

For more on Kinect Sports Rivals, head here to read our most recent hands-on (body-on?) preview. Kinect Sports Rivals arrives on Xbox One April 8.

[Source: Xbox Wire]

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  • "Former Dr. Who" its simply "The Doctor" his name isn't Doctor Who.
  • I mean, I like David Tennant, but why...? I understand why he would (all the money!), but why would Microsoft blow the cash to get a fairly high profile actor to narrate a game that, let's be honest, not THAT many people will play?
  • Did not see that one coming, but I don't begrudge him the gig.

    I hope for his sake the title doesn't bomb though, he is my favorite of the newer Doctors after all.

    And yes, he would be just "The Doctor" as I believe the "Doctor Who" bit is just a recurring joke.

  • David Tennant is awesome! Always glad to hear news of him. I wonder if he'll continue with video game voice acting. I'd much rather see him act in a game I'll actually play though :/

  • I won't lie; this actually make me want to pick up the game.

  • Meh Kinect, but on the bright side maybe this gig will land him roles in much better games.

  • Obligatory "ITS THE DOCTOR NOT DR. WHO YOU SCRUB" whovian comment.

  • How humiliating
  • So, in other words, his career is not doing all that well.
  • This game actually looks REALLY fun. Gonna pick it up when I get a room mate so I can play it with someone.

  • I for one can't wait for this game. Always had fun playing Kinect Sports. I know, how dare I play a game for fun.

  • Dr Who? Amateurs.....

  • Yeah, I have to reiterate what's already been said and that the character is simply called "The Doctor" and is not named Dr. Who.

  • Tennant is now the only reason I want this game.

  • I came here just to see how many people would correct "Former Dr Who" I'm very proud of this comment section.
  • How long do you think it'll be before this article's title gets changed to "Former Doctor Who Star David Tennant Lending His Voice To Kinect Sports Rivals"?

  • No one yet? Really? Okay, then:


  • Man game informer, calling the doctor "Dr. who" is like calling link zelda :P. But seriously, it's cool to see actors coming to the video game industry and lending their voices. I think this shows how much the video game industry is growing.
  • It's The Doctor.....

  • Not the biggest fan of Xbox one, I do however understand why they'd pick him to narrate. He does have that sort of voice that suits a role like this.

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