I went to play kinect sports at my cousins house. I knew we were going to play it for a while, but I really didn't care for it. I didn't want to play, but I know it would please them. I'd played it, and wasn't diappointed. It was quite fun.

Graphics are good. Better then Wii sports, but not sports champion.Sound is all right. The sound of certain sports is nice, but there's music at the end of each game, and it might be annoying. Still, the sound is descent.

Gameplay is pretty fun. It can be good, and maybe bad. Lot of the sports are pretty fun to play, just a few others that are ehhh. The controls are descent. Sometimes the controls don't always go right, which can be annoying. Still, it is fun to play.

Overall, this is a fun start for kinect with kinect sports.It's fun and recomended for anyone with a kinect. That's why I would give Kinect sports a

8 out of 10