I've had Kinect Sports for a while now and I must say the game is extremely fun to play. It is easly compared to Wii Sports which to me got old after the first week with it. Kinect Sports is the best Kinect game I've played to date, and everyone I play games with loves the game too (except my little cousin who insists the game is too hard when actually his younger sister is even better at than him...). Anyways, regardless of your age, unless your just a sore loser I imagine you would find yourself liking the game too.

There are 6 events: Track and Field, Soccer, Boxing, Bowling, Beach Volleyball, and Table Tennis. Track and Field requires the most physical activity and it includes sprint, hurdles, discus, javelin, and long jump. All those events work great except for discus, which sometimes bugs out. Soccer is a great game to play with a buddy as, and is suprisingly fun even without being able to have full movement. Boxing works leagues better than Wii Sports boxing. I never played too much of this boxing because it wasn't the best of the events but still works well. Sometimes the avatars look really goofed up when you watch replays because when you actually fight you yourself doesn't react to the punches so your avatar just shrugs off the punches in the videos. Bowling is great for calmer and older crowds of people and it works great usually, but sometimes seems innaccruate. Beach Volleyball I barely touched. It works fine but just feels repetitive. Finally Table Tennis is another solid title that works well and can range from boring slow paced matches to fast paced intense (or as intense as hitting an invisible ball can get) matches.

One of the best modes is party play which is a series of minigames with two teams against each other. The teams can support up to as many as you want but it's ideal for 2 - 5 per team. During this mode you can select your represntitive mascot which comes in a variety of laughable names (Cardio Carrot, REALLY?!).

The soundtrack really suprised me with lots of familiar artists like MC Hammer, Lady Gaga, Queen. Two additional notes. First, they have a free downladable content pack that adds some more fun with new mascots and minigames. Second, you can also use your avatars regualar cloths, which doesn't affect most people but personally I like my awesome fedora. Conclusion: Kinect Sports is a fantastic game that is a must have for any kinect owners.