Everyone was excited to hear of the Kinect's worldwide release and was aching to have a chance to experience a game without the need of a controller. Well, the Kinect's Launch Title goes Average. The reason for that is there are only 5 different mini-games to enjoy having different types of maps or difficulties. Also, the Kinect may have trouble putting in 2 people of very opposite heights. Sometimes, avatars are glitchy when playing that may affect gameplay. The Jump-in and Jump-out feature is useful for people who want to play quickly but may affect the other player's game having the screen adjusted halfway just for someone to come in and play. The up-sides of this game is that the graphics are brightly colored with cartoony enviroments that may attract the youngsters. Also, people will enjoy some of the GOOD mini-games such as Rallyball and Obstacle Coaster. Overall, the Kinect may have not released a title that has impressed many serious gamers, but can be a thrill for Family Gamers who just want to jump in and have fun.