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Great, If Limited Game

I just got my Kinct and with it Kinect Adventures.   Adventures is a fun game that shows the real potential of the Kinect system.  While most people complain about not having a lot of space, I have found that I can play with another person when in my living room where we stand about 8 feet from the TV.   We do have the occasional glitch where the camera loses one of us, but it not that much of a problem.  The camera tracks nicely considering.

The real problem with the game is the lack of variety.  There are 5 different games on the disc.  That's it.  There are a couple of variations of the games that extend your play time, but you will see the exact same games over and over. The four games themselves are: rafting (where you steer a raft down a river collecting tokens), ball bounce (where you stand at the end of a hall and have to bounce a ball against the other end, destroying bales of hay), a mine kart dash (where you have to dodge obstacles while riding a platform through girders), a fish tank game (where you are inside a fish tank surrounded by water, the fish ram the glass cracking it and you have to plug the holes), and bubble pop (where you are in a zero G room, moving around popping bubbles that come out of the walls).

There are a couple of quest type games where you have to get a bronze, silver, or gold medal in every game in a series.  If you get the medals, which is pretty easy, you are rewarded wtih a prize consisting of either a doll that you make move or an item for you avatar.

A major thing you will notice when you play Adventures is the next day you are going to feel pain in places you didn't know could hurt.  This game is a great work out.  A good reason to get off your fat but and exercise.

Finally, the game is fun and easy to use.  The only real drawback is lack of variety.


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